Friday, July 6, 2012

Life Comes At You Fast

You all probably know the commercial that says, "Life comes at you fast..."That's how my life has been since the end of June. First we had a death in the family, next my sweet little 2 1/2 yr old grandson went in for emergency brain surgery which was unsuccessful because he was beginning to slip into an irreversible coma so the surgeons, thankfully, recognized what was happening and brought him out immediately. Then finally, my daughter underwent heart surgery.

Needless to say, I have been completely exhausted...but having said that, I can see the greatness of the blessings that we have received. We made it through the tragic death that caused my children great pain and loss only to emerge stronger with each other. Little Tage is fine. We are anxious to see if he can eventually have the necessary surgery to help with his epilepsy; he has sleep apnea so his tolerance to any kind of anesthesia is extremely low. I am confident that the capable doctors will come up with a viable solution that will help this sweet little guy live a relatively normal and healthy life. And, Aja's heart surgery has been quite successful. Of course, we are waiting for the biopsy results which will hopefully tell us where the leakage is coming from, but in the meantime, she is doing so much better.

A wierd thing happened to me back on May 26th. I was staying in a hotel in Minneapolis. It was about 2 or 3AM when I was awakened by a sharp, searing pain that felt like someone had stuck a needle in the ball of my left food. I threw off the covers, saw nothing and went back to sleep brushing it off as a bad dream. I awoke in the morning to a foot that was swollen to about the size of a golf ball. It was sore and I could barely walk on it. I immediately iced it, got ready to fly that day and eventually got my shoe on.

It has now been over a month and my foot is still swollen (about half the size of a golfball) and still sore. I went to the doctor who ran a myriad of tests and x-rays thinking that possibly it was gout or's's a bug bite...YIKES...Of course, we will never know what actually bit me, but the little critter made me sick for 3 days. I couldn't eat or sleep as the nausea was extreme and the pain was annoying. I'm much better now, but it's still sore...ugh...

It has been a VERY rough month. I am NOT sad to see June pass us by. But life does pass us by and sometimes this is a great blessing, sometimes it's a great tragedy...I find that I tend to get so caught up in the moments and events that are happening in that instant and sometimes I neglect the things that are really important.

So as things are winding down, I look back and am amazed at all that we, as a family, have endured. We got through it and we are still healthy, happy and strong. Those days have thankfully passed and hopefully, better days are comes at you ready and always be thankful for all that is good because that is what has sustained us through this crazy time.

Have a wonderful summer, let the sun always shine wherever you are and may God bless you all...