Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Arrival

I'm a Grandmother again!! I'm honored to announce the arrival of my beautiful new granddaughter, Zanna Sue Mills. She arrived about 6 weeks early on July 11th weighing in at 5 lbs and was 18" long. She is beautiful and perfect, however, being a preemie, she has some typical preemie problems.

Almost 1 week later, she has dropped to 4 lbs. 4 oz. and is really struggling to breathe. She has been intubated, been under the billi lights and had an infection from birth, but she is a little fighter and we are praying that she will take a turn for the better real soon. She is an incredible blessing in our lives and it amazes me that I can completely love and adore this little person with all of my heart. Please, please keep her in your prayers.
Mama & Baby Zanna

My other 3 grandchildren were unable to visit their new sister in the NICU, but we were able to take them to a window where they finally got a peek at her…they were giggling the entire time!!

Life has been crazy. Having said that, I am feeling more blessed than I could ever deserve.

Last week my hubs & I had to fly to LA due to a lawsuit we filed against a company that my husband worked for because they didn't pay him for work he had done. We won!! But the stress was incredible. We flew into Long Beach last Monday, July 7th in the morning and rented a car to drive from Long Beach to North Hollywood. As we were driving, I mentioned that we should stop by the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood since my dad worked there for many years. I thought, being the huge music fans that we are, that it would be fun to walk around and maybe even go into the tower. So we did...

As we approached the tower, we saw a multitude of media cameras and people, clearly indicating that something special was happening. So, of course, we parked and wandered over to see what all of the hoopla was...and boy were we in for a big surprise!!

As we approached, we both recognized the voice speaking from the podium and then it hit us! It was July 7th, Ringo Starr's birthday!! The voice at the podium was Ringo himself!! We wormed our way through the crowd, up to the front and there he was, right in front of us! I could have touched him... We all shouted, in unison, "Peace & Love", ate cupcakes to celebrate his 74th birthday (can you believe he's 74?!?) and then he and his band members passed out white bracelets that said, "Peace and Love". Being the huge Beatles fans that we are, it was amazing. For the record, he was joined by, Todd Rundgren, Joe Walsh, Steve Lukather (from Toto) Gregg Rolie (Journey, Santana), the beautiful Barbara Bach (Ringo's wife of 33 years) and so many more...


Back to reality...

I had a screw removed from my foot from a surgery that I had in Nov 2012. I literally had a screw loose! It was a simple procedure, but the recovery was a bit tough. I was cleared to go back to work a few days later (I'm a flight attendant) and flew for 4 days with STITCHES IN MY FOOT...Big mistake. I thought I would die. But now my foot is almost healed (still a bit sore).

A sweet friend of mine lost her beautiful granddaughter the other night. She was born with some serious problems and only lived a few months. But in those few months, this sweet angel touched many, many lives and her memory will be with me forever. It puts so much into perspective.

We all face challenges in our lives. I love my life, my husband, my children, grandchildren, family and dear friends. As crazy as life can get, I wouldn't change my trials and challenges for anyone else's.

May God bless you all...(pictures to follow)