Friday, June 10, 2011


As most of you know, my hubs and I are self-proclaimed Beatles Geeks!

We just got back from Las Vegas where we attended our 19th viewing of Cirque Du Soleil's Beatles LOVE at the fabulous Mirage Hotel. This time was was the 5 year anniversary of the show and there was a red carpet event which included many celebrities.

The Red Carpet event was scheduled at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, June 8th. We arrived at the hotel around 4:00 planning to have dinner at "Cravings" Buffet on the premises. When we saw the people gathering for photos, I decided to forego dinner and save our place in the crowd. I was starving, but I figured I could eat anytime...see a Beatle? Priceless!

When the event finally arrived, it became crazy. People were pretty respectful, for the most part, but two ladies just in front of us became annoyed when we would "press" up against them. Now remember, we are being pushed forward in the crowd by the myriad of people behind us. One woman whipped some attitude and turned to Natalie and said, "You're pushing us and it's really annoying!" Natalie told her that we too were being pushed forward...woman rolls eyes and says something else pretty snotty and I finally said, "Have you ever heard of Beatlemania?" SERIOUSLY?!?

They were just really bugged the whole time..finally, they decided to leave and we found ourselves right in was well worth the wait!

Brad, Me, Aja & Natalie
 Gayle King, Oprah's BFF
 Carrot Top
 Sir George & Giles Martin (George was the Beatles producer) These two did all of the music for the show
 The Killers
 Patricia & Rosanna Arquette
 Joan Osbourne

Dhani & Olivia Harrison (George's son & wife)
 Sir Paul McCartney
 Paul & his fiancee, Nancy
 Marcia Gay Harden & her kids
 Yoko Ono
 Yoko & Sean Lennon
 Criss Angel
 Mark McGrath

Elijah Wood

After the show, they brought up Paul, Yoko & Olivia Harrison ...

The show was FABulous (as always) and we were thrilled that we were able to be a part of the 5 year celebration.

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