Thursday, January 9, 2014


Here I am...sitting in a hotel for 30 hours in Nashville, TN. It's a beautiful city, lots to do, and I'm getting paid but it's cold and rainy and we're not within walking distance from much...blah...

That's it!! I have a case of the "Blahs"!!

I recently applied for a position within my company which I KNOW I was qualified for. I still know it. When I first found out that I wasn't selected, I was, well quite frankly, shocked. I had a similar, almost identical position at Delta and did a great job at it. I felt my interview was good and left confident that I just might nail this...I was wrong.

As I stepped onto my plane yesterday to start a 4 day trip, I was...Blah. I didn't know the other crew members but had heard about the other flight attendant and had only heard good things. He didn't let me down! He is one of the sweetest guys I have flown with. We have laughed, giggled and chatted like two 12 year olds on a sleepover! I ADORE him and felt an instant connection. Shortly after we boarded, another flight attendant boarded our flight only to announce that he was doing a Safety Audit. I've never had one before, but it was great. I just did my job and he complimented me and said that he noticed that I was attentive to my job and that I really, genuinely cared about my passengers.

And I DO care about my passengers...every last one of them (I'll post about a major epiphany later).

I mentioned to him that I was not chosen for the recent position. He acted completely shocked saying how I was so perfect for this position and then proceeded to tell me that he too had been "rejected" for the very same position in the past. Now I was REALLY shocked. He was very sharp, professional, kind, caring, mature and seemed very capable.

It was amazing to me how people were placed in my life yesterday who lifted me and felt my worth. I am at peace with NOT being selected and, although I still know my abilities, for whatever reason it wasn't meant to be, I'm sorry that I was unable to portray accurately my skills and abilities...that's my responsibility, but life goes on. I will still continue to dazzle my passengers and give them the best me.

I doubt that I will ever again apply for any position that comes available...but, never say never! I'm happy where I am. So the Blahs will pass but in the meantime I am so thankful for new, lifelong friends and for peers who make my job easier and who bless my life just by being in it.

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Love Being A Nonny said...

Durn, disappointments are hard! Love your attitude though!o I always try to think someone else must have needed it more! It's still tough though.