Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quick Update

I went to the doc for my third and (hopefully) final medical test and the results are in!!

Let me start by saying that since Aug 30th,  I have been undergoing testing for Lupus, MS and the big, ugly, Cancer. It has been a trying time for me...not understanding what has been going on with my body, trying to maintain my composure without panicking, and facing the "C" word. It's been rough, but also a great period of growth for me.

Today I received the long-awaited news...Benign polyps, no CANCER!!

I felt tremendous relief, joy and elation. As I drove home in moderate pain (from more poking & prodding), I could hardly contain my excitement. Then it hit me that  millions of people have experienced the mix of emotions that I have experienced since this journey began, only to receive dreaded news.

And my heart broke.

Why me? Why am I OK and others aren't? Why do I have a new lease on life when someone else is facing a possible death sentence? I guess it's called "Life".

So today I get to walk a lovely new path but will pray for those who must walk a frightening path and hope and pray that I will always remember and be grateful for another chance...Thank you for all of your prayers and concern.


Love Being A Nonny said...

Praise the Lord!

Lynn said...

Fantastic news!!!!

And just like you to worry so much about others, even while dealing all that you are dealing with.

You are so's just life. Everyone's pains, and trials are so unique to their own life. Glad we are all in this together though, on this big ole' world of ours!

Have a GREAT week and celebrate the happy news.

BARBIE said...

Thankful to hear this news.