Thursday, September 30, 2010

Innocence & Joy

I am often touched by the beauty of pure innocence. The other day, 3 of  my *Littles* were dropped off at my house by their dad after spending the weekend with them. As they bounced into my house, I noticed that Alakina had a HUGE hat on with a colorful, blinking necklace on around her neck. She was so excited to tell me about her day at the Circus with her Grandma Bardee and Aunt Jackie.

She was so expressive as she proceeded to tell me about the elephants, tigers, mermaids (she said there were mermaids...??) puppies riding horses and clowns. It was adorable to watch as she could hardly get everything said because she had SO much to tell me. All the while, she had this ridiculous hat on her head. She was SO proud of that hat!

Then I got Stella to put hers on (she wasn't so proud)...

I have reflected back on that day. Alakina was so exited, so proud and so uninhibited as she shared her pure joy of seeing the Circus with me. She proudly took her hat and necklace to her preschool for show-n-tell and happily told everyone about  her adventures.

It just struck me as so innocent. I wish we, as adults, would be less inhibited and more free with sharing our joy. Her ability to be unchained by pride and vanity was a gift to me as I was able to "experience" her memories in even a small way. She lifted me up and she made my day!

Maybe we could all learn a few lessons from these wee people who just love life and want to share...Hmmm...

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Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh so very true! To be like children in our joy would be a wonderful thing! They are precious girls!