Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boys Will Be...?

I was watching Dr. Phil a few weeks ago and saw a show about "Out of Control Teens". There was a 21 year old girl who was totally into drugs, alcohol and sex. She stated that she started all of this behavior around the age of 14. Her mother was distraught and truly feared for her daughter's life. I was heartbroken for this mother.

During Dr. Phil's interview with the daughter, several times she made the comment that "all kids experiment!" This seemed to be a valid justification for her ridiculous behavior. I was so frustrated watching that show because I truly know teens who have chosen to make wise decisions and to stay away from promiscuity, alcohol and drugs. I know kids who actually go to church every Sunday and stay for 3 hours to learn more about values. I know kids who listen to their parents and try to obey their counsel. And I know kids who strive for excellence, not only in school, but in life in general.
Here are 5 young men who are all teenagers. They range in age from 13-18. All 5 of them received their "Eagle Scout" at a Court of Honor two weeks ago. Each of them is active in their church, stay away from the temptations of substance abuse and are morally chaste. One of them has just received a mission call to serve the Lord for 2 years without dating...and he's completely excited to embark on his new journey. The other 4 boys will follow in his footsteps. I have seen each one offer unsolicited service to widows in our neighborhood who need their driveways shoveled. I've seen them sweat as they volunteer to load or unload a moving van for a family. And I have watched them work hard on each other's Eagle projects while encouraging each other to keep working. They joke, they laugh and the kid each other unmercifully, but I've also seen them fast, pray and comfort those in need. These are NOT outcasts...they are all popular and well respected by their peers. They are remarkable young men.
So I believe that ALL teens have choices and are not victims. They can choose to make a good decision or a bad's up to them. I marvel when kids cry about consequences. As parents we all try to teach our kids good values and hopefully we teach them about consequences. I can say that I had teenagers who have made great choices and sometimes they made really stupid choices but they never could use the excuse that "everyone's doing it" because they knew plenty of good kids who opted NOT to try those things. They were all taught to choose the right and let the consequence follow...sometimes they chose the "wrong" and the consequesnce was not what they wanted...sometimes they even complained that "it's not fair!"...

I am proud of these 5 boys and so honored to have been invited to their Court of Honor. I sat proud to even know them and it gave me hope in a brighter future. They are on the right, they're not perfect and yes they will make mistakes, but they are moving in the right direction and I am honored to call them my friends!


Kristine said...

I totally agree with you! My eldest daughter is 14, and I believe that many parents let go too early. They think that "all kids this, and all kids that, and everybody else does, so I guess my child too..." I think those teen years are the years we really have to be there, and we don't have to accept this kind of fatalistic thinking.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Amen. Amen Amen. I am associated with a christian summer camp. There are over 100 young adults on staff every summer that would put adults to shame with their morals and walk with the Lord. Amen sister. Amen.

Lynn said...

I would like to add my Amen's as well. Awesome post. Thank you. What a wonderful tribute to teens who are like these fine young men!! There ARE many out there who DO have morals and values and stick to their convictions.

I bet their parents are so they should be.

Janiece said...

I have been so lucky to have 3 children that have chosen to follow the path...not that they have not stumbled...but never left the way they have been taught.
Again, I know I am lucky...blessed...and I am grateful.