Friday, March 4, 2011

Two Angels

The past few weeks have been harrowing to say the least! But I'm back and hopefully will be able to keep my posts more regular...

Let me start by saying that I am one thankful Nana and I am so so appreciative of all of the thoughts and prayers sent heavenward on behalf of two of my beautiful *Littles*. As most of you know, they have both been very sick and were in the hospital. Alakina is 4 and was the first to become ill. She was taken to the ER on Tues, Feb 22. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and SENT HOME! I was shocked. That night, Aja's pediatrician (here's a fond shout-out to Dr. Dave Larsen...) called her at home to follow up on Alakina. When he heard she had been sent home, he too was shocked and had her set up an appointment the following morning. She went and then promptly was admitted into our local hospital.
She was one very sick little girl. As an asthmatic, her pneumonia was quite severe and she suffered from high blood pressure and heart rate with her oxygen too low. She just couldn't get stabilized and we were all very concerned. During this time, this precious little girl was able to maintain her sweet innocence and ability to care for others.

I had arrived at the hospital quite early on Fri morning when little Stella (3 years old) was admitted. The doc felt that it would be best if the girls had their own rooms so Aja was in with one and I was in with the other. Later in the day, Alakina was lying in bed, watching cartoons...I was on the phone with my BFF. Ali looked over at me and asked, "Nana, do you want anything?" I told her I was fine and continued on with my phone conversation. A few moments later I heard the nurse on the intercom say, "May I help you?" to which Alakina replied, "Yes, could you please bring some chips and a bowl, my Nana's hungry!"...It was true that I hadn't eaten all day and was STARVING, but I hadn't mentioned anything to this sick little girl and to hear her concern for me just melted my heart! I heard the nurse giggle and say, "I'll be right in!"

A few minutes later, in walks the nurse with a bowl and several bags of chips! Ali chose 2 bags, opened one of them and poured them into the bowl for me...I have never been so touched by such an innocent, kind act of service. Here this little one was SO sick and she was worried about me!
by the way, those "Pop Chips" are to DIE FOR...

Stella was in the next room. Ali was released on Saturday morning and went home with oxygen. Stella was progressively getting worse and we were worried. She received several priesthood blessings and our faith in the power of prayer was strengthened, but as parents and grandparents, we were still concerned. She had been diagnosed with pneumonia, RSV and a severe kidney infection. She was miserable and you could see it in her sweet little eyes. She is usually such a sweet, gentle little girl but she was now a miserable, lethargic little angel. Her ability to maintain her oxygen was simply gone and she required massive O2 (up to 4 litres at one point). Her heart rate was way too high (up to 155) and she wasn't responding to the antibiotics being administered.
Stella has virtually no immune system and is missing her "T" chromosome. She was in the hospital until Tues, Mar 1. when she finally came home (also on oxygen) She is still not 100% but we are seeing improvement and the antibiotics have started working.

While she remained in the hospital, I spent each day at Aja's house caring for Alakina and Tage (a VERY ACTIVE 16 month old). I was EXHAUSTED, but loved having that time to spend with 2 very special *Littles*.

So I have been absent without a minute to hardly breathe! It has made me SO incredibly thankful that I had my children at a young energy levels are completely different than when I was a young mother but I still managed to multi-task, cleaning, washing a continuous barage of dirty dishes and washing, drying, folding and putting away mounds and mounds of endless laundry!

I'm not complaining, just humbly admitting that I was completely wiped-out when I finally went home to my own neglected house...even though my sweet hubs was amazing and did so much for me while I was away.

Please accept my sincerest thanks and appreciation for all of your sweet, humble and sincere prayers for all of us. We all felt the sweet peace and comfort that prayer brings and owe the greatest thanks to our Heavenly Father who ultimately healed and protected these two beautiful girls. We have been so blessed!


Happily Ever After Again said...

So glad they are getting better. Found you on the trendy treehouse. I enjoyed reading a few of your other posts. :)

Lynn said...

Oh Mary! How scary for your entire family!!!! So sorry to hear, but SO grateful to know that things are going much better. You need to get lot's of rest now. Your family will need you in tip top shape for you to be able to be there for them again.

P.S. The chips and the bowl story was so cute. I got teary eyed. That sweet child has been well taught!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I prayed for those precious girls and I am so happy to hear they are doing better. I know how scary that must have been.

LOVE the story about her calling the nurse for food for precious!

michelle said...

Oh those photos break my heart but what brave littles they were and are. I am so happy that they are getting better. How scary for your family Mary. I am praying that they continue to get stronger everyday.