Monday, May 9, 2011

White Crayons

Have you ever used the White Crayon in a box of 64 brilliant,colorful crayons? me they have always seemed kind of pointless. Having said that, I have grown to learn the value and even appreciate the magnificence of this highly un-loved and often overlooked wax creation.

But, have you ever used one on a white hard boiled egg at Easter? I showed it to a few of my *Littles*. They drew their creations on each egg without being able to really see what they had done, looking at me like I was crazy for handing them the transparent crayon. They dropped the egg in the cup and waited for what seemed to be forever for their precious masterpiece to be complete. But the surprise in their eyes when they finally pulled the egg out, was worth the wait and priceless!

Life is sometimes like a white crayon...Brad and I made a very difficult career decision one year ago that deeply affected the both of us. At the time, we weighed all of our options and made the best decision we felt that we could make, knowing that our life would be changed forever...and that was OK, just difficult.

So we moved forward and it seemed much like the Easter Egg with the artwork made by the seemingly invisible coloring instrument. There was much to learn and new things to explore. Brad was opened up to an entirely different world and product and had to learn the ins-and-outs of something quite foreign to him. Often, we waited for the hard work to pay off and sometimes it seemed like it would take forever!

The best part of this new journey that we embarked on last year, is that now we are seeing the amazing fruits of our labors. It has taken what seems to have been an eternity, but the miracles and lessons learned along the way are more than worth all of the initial fear and trepidation that we both experienced.

At times the road was rocky we both seemed to be at a loss when we came to the proverbial crossroad. But knowing that the future was ahead of us, we persevered and made the turn that we felt best about. It ALWAYS paid off! That's the miracle of this whole thing...

We have crossed a few bumpy roads and have taken a few detours that slowed us down a bit. We've had a few "fender benders", but the road, with all of its pot-holes and diversions got us to our destination. People have come into our lives that have edified us more than we ever thought imaginable.

Now the "egg" is out of the dye. We can now see the stunning beauty of the "White Crayon" and that the art work that we initially worked so hard to create is now becoming a masterpiece. So my view of the white crayon has changed. On white paper it disappears, but white is only one option of paper out of hundreds of choices of colors, and on every other color, it is significant!



BARBIE said...

I love this post. It reminds me to walk by faith, and not by site!

Lynn said...

Beautiful Analogy!