Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Perfect Time

Well here I am in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Yes, this is my new domicile with SkyWest Airlines! Of course I want to be based in Salt Lake City because that is home, but I'm here until my transfer comes through and that's that!

I have blessed to be here with a dear friend, Jen. We met in training and somehow, we just clicked. We are sisters at heart and together we have found a crash pad, conquered the MAX (light rail system) and found our crew lounge, gates and other necessary info in order to become functioning Flight Attendants in PDX (that's Portland!)
I read a great thought on Facebook by a darling gal whom I have known for years....and yes, she's a Flight Attendant too (but for another company). This thought resonated with me:

"There is no such thing as the perfect time or the perfect situation. It is through our efforts that we try to make the perfect situation and through the time it takes to get there that we learn and grow and are refined into people who a little closer to being perfect."
I have found that way too many people wait for "the perfect time" to find peace and happiness. Life is ever changing and I personally feel that the only way to get through it with any sense of success, is to find happiness and joy in each moment. Now is the time to be happy because in one second, "now" will be gone and it will be wasted if it's not spent in joy...easy to say, harder to do. I'm a work in progress, but, as an eternal optimist, I choose to make the most of my time here. I've lived long enough to know that "right now" fades into "a long time ago" in the blink of an eye!

So as I have embarked on this new adventure in what are supposed to be my "Golden Years"...(REALLY?!?) ...I am trying to make this the perfect situation and, at the very least, make the very best of it. It's beautiful up here...I have a safe place to live...I have a great job...I have a wonderful family waiting back home for me...and I fly FREE!!


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