Monday, July 18, 2011

Stitches and Smiles

So it finally happened. My littlest *Little* fell off a chair and gashed his forehead open Friday night. I was sitting in a cold, lonely airport in San Francisco when I received a picture text of the little guy's wound. Aja was a real trooper! She realized that this is probably the first of many visits to the ER with this little fella whom I so affectionately call "Bam Bam" (for all you who remember the Flintstones...) He is the roughest, toughest little man and his escapades have finally caught up to him.

What impressed me the most was the smile on his precious little face as he waited to be stitched up (they ended up gluing his wound back together.) Here he just gashed open his head, bled profusely, and most assuredly had some sort of a headache, but he managed to eek out a sweet smile and even said "cheese" to his mommy when he saw her hold up her phone to take his picture.

See, he has no concept of the future. I'm sure that in his little mind, he knew he would be just fine because nothing can impede his concept of life as a 20 month old. As I mentioned above, I was stuck in the SFO airport with air conditioning blasting like it was 110° outside ( it was 58° F outside) and I was SO cold that I actually bought a blanked while I was at the airport...I was tired and I was cranky. I had just come off of a 3 day trip from hell rife with extreme weather delays, flight cancellations, reflows (reroutes) and even survived a hail storm that took our plane out of commission! All I wanted to do was GET HOME! I was miserable and yes, I wanted to throw myself down in the middle of the concourse and start crying.
(Glued back together!)
So when I received the pictures of my smiling *Little* with his "before and after" shots, I realized that I too would be just fine. I WOULD get home and I would eventually get some sleep. A sweet little 20 month old taught me that our futures are in our hands. No, we can't control everything that comes our way, but we can smile while we wait for our "stitches".


addicted2shius said...

Oh my gosh! That picture literally made me gasp! Poor baby! So glad he's ok and your daughter is truly a trooper for Handling it so well. I would have been a wreck.

sharon said...

Bless his heart! Even though we know this times are coming with little ones it still breaks our heart to see it. But what a trooper he is! Love that!
I am new to your blog and new to blogging! I will be following you for sure. Please check out my blog and follow too!

BARBIE said...

Oh poor baby! That hurts a momma's heart. So glad to see the smile!