Saturday, November 3, 2012

Give Peace a Chance

I don't know about you, but I am SO sick and tired of all the political ugliness that we, as a nation, have had to endure for the past few months. Wednesday cannot come soon enough for me.

Let me just say that I am VERY strong in my political beliefs. I study issues before congress, I listen to debates, I write to my elected officials. I read history books and books by good, honest and wise men who love this great country of ours and who have put their "popularity" on the line in the name of defending Liberty. I volunteer in my community and I strive everyday to live what I believe and I vote my conscience; usually, this is not popular, but, I don't care because I vote with my heart and my mind.

One of the things I love about this country is that we ALL have the right to vote for whom WE choose. Much blood has been spilt on OUR behalf by our great Founders who quite literally pledged their lives, liberty and fortunes on our behalf. I, for one, am eternally grateful for their immense sacrifices and can never fully repay them.

Never in my life have I EVER been as disgusted as I have been with the rhetoric of this election. In my humble opinion, it has been laced with ugliness, cattiness and just plain old hatred. I have seen things posted on Facebook by people whom I once respected, that is hateful and disrespectful. We are so polarized as a nation. How can we ever heal from this? On Wednesday, what is the tone of Facebook going to be? Are the voters of the "Loser" going to cry foul? Are the "winners" going to gloat? I for one am going to move forward and continur to fight the battle for Freedom and Libery. I'm going to love my friends regardless of who becomes our next president.

Our nation is in desperate need of some major healing. Name calling, mud slinging, bullying should NEVER be tolerated and we have allowed, participated and stooped to an all-time low (in my humble opinion). I know people who de-friend people because of political posts. How pathetic!

What's really interesting to me is that the majority of these slams are not even accurate. I grew up in the entertainment industry surrounded by the media and I know how things can be spun.

So, my sweet friends, I do not agree with all of your beliefs and you do not agree with all of mine and THAT'S OK!! I still love you and I still value our friendships. Come what may on Wednesday...but let's get rid of this ugliness and work together to help restore our freedoms and liberties. Let's take care of our brothers and sisters who are struggling, whether it's from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, a broken economy, or just struggling with the challenges of everyday life. Let's reach out and extend the hand of compassion. And most importantly, let's clean up our own backyards and stop with the critisizing, judgments and accusations. All I am saying is "Give Peace A Chance."

Peace, Love and God bless us all...

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Lynn said...

Even those of us not of your country are eagerly watching and waiting.

I TOTALLY AGREE 100% with your post. Amen sister!

Can't wait to see how things pan out there in your country. The whole world is watching.