Friday, November 16, 2012

On Aging

Ya gotta love getting older!

You know, I've come to terms with the whole age thing. After all, I've had 56 years to come to grips with it. I'm OK with graying hair...I just color mine. I'm OK with a few wrinkles...I use coconut oil every morning and every night and it works pretty darn well. I'm EVEN OK with hot flashes...after 14 years of "flashing fun" I've finally gotten mine under control... BUT, what I do have a hard time with are the aches and pains that come along with getting...ugh...OLDER!!

Don't get me wrong, I don't think 56 is THAT old. After all, aren't 50's the new 30's (or something ridiculous like that?) I'm thankful that I've had the great years I've had and even the not-so-great years I've been able to endure. I just really still think of myself in my 30's but lately, my body is reminding me that I am, in fact, smack dab in the middle of my "golden years"...

I had foot surgery this past Monday morning. The surgery went very well (so I'm told) and the prognosis is great. All I asked the doctor was if I would be able to wear fabulous shoes and boots again...that, my friends, is my one great one great addiction. Shoes make me happy...but not right now:( my Docs response was "absolutely"...followed up with an under-the-breath "job security for me!" And here's the sick thing...I'm OK with that!

So, since Monday, I've been laid up, unable to bear ANY weight on my foot. Since I HATE painkillers and don't do well on them, I'm a total SPAZZ on my crutches and have had a few wipe-outs adding to my hubs already (very distinguished) graying hair. I haven't eaten much and if it weren't for the sweet generosity of a sweet daughter and a sweet friend, we probably would be starving...guess I fell off the ward radar for meals to be brought in...oh well..

So now I'm off work until the beginning of Feb. I'm in the "healing" phase of this whole ordeal and, to be honest, I'm NOT a good patient! I am going stir crazy, I've been "Netflixed" out of my mind but I can finally read again and have finished off 2 more books in a series of 4.

So this Thankful month, I am SO thankful for skilled doctors, modern medical procedures and the promise of better days ahead.


Lynn said...

Oh I hope you are able to heal up really soon. I hope your ward family soon hears about your surgery as well.

Thanks for the tips on Coconut oil! ; ) I love our coconut oil for so many things....we hadn't I thought about wrinkle before? ; )

sharon said...

So sorry for all you are going through! But I know just what you mean. I will turn 56 next month and this summer sprained my ankle and was so upset that I can't wear my "cute" shoes! LOL Hang in there and enjoy this time to rest and relax!