Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adenoids & Tonsils No More!

I drove up to Idaho this past Monday to spend some time with my daughter, Brittany and her 2 *Littles* who were scheduled to have their tonsils and adenoids removed early Tuesday morning. I took Erica, my 16 year old cousin up with me and we met Britt, Evan and the kids at "Leo's Place", a favorite pizza joint. The kids had so much fun playing and running cute. Since we got to Idaho quite late in the evening, we stayed up talking and I didn't get to sleep until about 3 AM...YIKES, I'm just too old for that...

I met Britt and her hubs, Evan at the hospital  the next morning just before Brooklyn was about to go into surgery. She had just had her "cocktail" and was VERY adorable!

Anthony was in good spirits and cracking me up as he tried to explain what was about to happen. He also had learned a new joke and told it to me only about 50 times! "What did the Banana say to the Doctor?...I'm not PEELING so well"...then he would laugh...he got such a kick out of himself, it was hilarious!

Finally it was his time to go back. We followed him as they wheeled him through the ominous halls of the hospital. He was in great spirits and just chattered away. He received his cocktail and that's when the fun really began! He was HYSTERICAL! I had told him Alakina's favorite joke the night before and he remembered it..."Knock, Knock"..."Who's There?"..."Boo"..."Boo Who"..."Whatcha cryin' about BABY?"
He latched on to the punch line and said it over and over, getting groggier and groggier as he said it. This VERY animated little boy was making us laugh so hard that tears were streaming down our faces.
Since Brooklyn was the first out of surgery, we were summoned up to her room first...She and Anthony would have rooms right next to each other which actually worked out perfectly. The poor little thing was crying and thrashing about almost uncontrollably as a reaction to the anesthesia. Evan and Brittany took turns trying to calm her down, but just basically had to wait it was so sad. She was finally able to get her morphine and she slept for about 2 hours.

Then we heard Anthony crying. Evan stayed with Brooklyn, Britt and I went into Anthony's room. He was so upset, crying, thrashing and insisting that he wanted to "go home". Brittany held him and tried to comfort him as she did Brooklyn, but his reaction was more intense. He slapped, bit, clawed and slugged her. We both started crying as we watched this precious boy "freak out" from the effects of the anesthesia. Each time he became aggressive, I had her lay him down on the bed...he'd hold out his arms to her and scream for her...she had to walk away for a moment so that he could somehow realize that he couldn't keep hurting her.

Anthony needed oxygen (he's an asthmatic) and finally, the nurse was able to give him morphine and he fell asleep...

Britt ended up with a swollen jaw! I asked the nurse if this kind of aggression was a normal reaction and she said that they see this all the time. It broke my heart! Anthony is such a sweet little guy and to see the fear in his eyes as he lashed out at his mother was almost too much to endure...but we did endure and when he (and Brooklyn) awoke after their morphine induced naps, they were BACK! Two sweet little angels were back and it was reassuring to see them smiling and happy once again. was a rough day...all of us were operating on little sleep and  two precious *Littles* were confused, sore and scared. The doctor told us that both kids had large adenoids but that Brooklyn's were abnormally large and were already growing into her sinuses. Now that they are removed, she has a much better shot at a healthier childhood.

Honestly, this was one of the hardest days but we made it through and I am so excited for these precious kidlets to start feeling better. I hate living so far away from them, but 3 1/2 hours is do-able.

It's no secret how much I ADORE these children. After so much sorrow with little Jake, Britt and I were constantly reminded that, although this was a difficult experience, we were SO blessed to be able to take home two perfectly healthy, normal children and reminded to cherish each and every moment no matter how trying it may be at times. They will be fine and they will be challenging...but that's the way it's supposed to be...right??


Lynn said...

Oh wow. I never really thought about what it must of been like for my mom when she had three of my siblings in to get their's out all at once. I never did have to go through that. How precious are your littles or what. Look at those darling faces.

Love Being a Nonny said...

They ARE precious! WOW, what a day! I cannot imagine TWO at one time! Exhausted is an understatement! At least they both have it behind them now, but, whew!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loving the new design, great work. Will it always be this way?