Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nasty Virus & Updates

I have been gone for a few days from the blogging world. Yes, it's true, my computer got a nasty virus and I had to spend a couple of days scanning and eliminating ugly bugs. BUT, now I'm up and running at full capacity and happy to have survived whatever was infecting my precious computer...

To fill you in, tonight is the Paul McCartney concert (YES, I took the picture above at last years concert!) For those of you who know me, I am a HUGE Beatles fan and have been excited for this since I heard he was coming to SLC for the very first time. We are meeting up with some friends who we met at last year's concert in Las Vegas, Chris & Julie from California who are coming up for the big event...can't wait to see them again! Also, our good friends Van & Jan are meeting us for dinner beforehand so 'A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All'...prepare yourselves for a full rundown of the festivities on tomorrow's post...(just warning ya!)

My dad is doing much better. He has been home about a week now and he sounds like my old dad...yay! He is still in some pain, but he is hanging in there. Man oh man is he a strong bugger. He gets so close to the threshold of death and then he pulls through. He's still not eating much so we'll see how that affects him.

Everyone is doing well. My *Littles* are healthy and happy and feisty as ever. I watched 3 of them last night while my daughter worked and they were ADORABLE. They make me laugh and wear me out at the same time. My daughter took her oldest (who is 4) to register for Pre-School. The teacher was "interviewing" Alakina to see where she is in her development and during the process asked her to sing a song. Alakina thought for a moment and started singing..."Hey Jude, don't be afraid..." That's my girl!! Of course the teacher cracked up and even said how refreshing it was to not hear yet another version of "Twinkle Twinkle".

Well, that's about it. Not much has happened except the normal busy stuff that keeps life exciting. Please continue to keep little Jake in your prayers. His mother's blog address is: http://www.davisfamilyinmidway.blogspot.com/ There are some new pictures up of this sweet little man and his brothers. He's adorable! Leave her a comment showing your support, she has mentioned that that has really given her strength. A HUGE heartfelt *Thank You* to all of you who have left her a message and more importantly, for you who are praying for this sweet family. You're all amazing!

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