Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update on Jake

Here is an update on the post below entitled " A Plea For Your Prayers"

Jake continues to be in critical but stable condition. He was originally considered for a research study that has been effective in this type of situation. I don't understand all of the parameters, but he was not selected for the treatment, but they are using a scaled down version that keeps him intentionally unconscious with a body temperature of about 97 degrees. He will be kept in this state for 5 days (which started Saturday night), and they will then gradually return him to a normal temperature and stop administering the drugs that keep him sedated. The bottom line is that we are in a holding pattern until Thursday or Friday and probably will not see much change before then.

There have been areas of both progress and concern. Most of his vitals look good, his coloring is excellent, and he has opened his eyes several times. He has also moved his arms and legs but the way he moves them is sometimes a good sign and other times a cause for concern.

There was a concern this morning that Jake’s brain may be swelling, and the results of a CAT scan confirmed it. They then did an MRI and found that Jake had suffered a minor stroke this morning. The stroke sets him back at least a day, so they’re looking at Friday or Saturday now before they try to wake him up.

His amazing family is holding up well. He has two older brothers and the oldest has been quite shaken up over this whole situation...he is doing much better. Let's remember them in our prayers as well. Afterall, they were witnesses to this tragic accident. His parents are overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the outpouring of love and support from their ward family, which has been non-stop since Saturday. They have said that the non-stop visits from caring friends and neighbors have been just what they needed. They have felt the strength of the prayers and fasting, and asked that we continue to pray for Jake throughout the week.

Prayers, fasting, and spiritual focus help us tap into the greatest power there is, especially when it is coupled with the humility of putting the Lord’s will first. Like the loaves and the fishes, He is able to take a seemingly small offering and magnify it - until there is enough and to spare.

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Lynn said...

Thank you SO much Mary for the update. You are such a dear friend to this little boy and family to send out a plea for prayers on their behalf. Especially when you have so much going on as well.

Please let us know how your dad and mom are doing too. Thanks!