Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Only One Word

As 2010 winds down and comes to an end, I have reflected on the events that have comprised the memories in my mind. This has been a very trying year in many ways and we could look back with either negative or positive reflections...we have chosen to look back in a positive way and will always think of 2010 as one of the BEST years of our life together.

Many changes have taken place. Some were calculated and some were surprises. Tests and trials came but so did joys and triumphs. Lessons were learned and more importantly, many good lessons were reinforced. We have been so incredibly blessed that it would be absolutely impossible to make a list of all of the blessings and tender mercies from the Lord. Sufficeth it to say that Brad and I both are humbled by all that we have and all that we are able to become.

I mentioned last year that I don't make New Years Resolutions. Not because I think there is anything wrong with them, just that I know ME and I know that my best intentions may not become realities and then I will self-depricate and beat myself up over my perceived failures. So my solution to this is to choose just one word that will become my word for the year. Last year I chose "Significance". So every decision I made during the year had to have some significance. I printed it up, framed it and put it in my home so I could be reminded daily of the "word".

After much pondering and soul searching, I have chosen my new word for 2011...My new word is "Focus". I feel that I have had a lack of focus in many areas of my life and desire to re-focus (if you will) on the really important (or significant) things of life. I am excited and looking forward to implementing this word into my daily endeavors.

So as we wind down 2010 and ring in 2011, I pray that all of you will have a very healthy, happy, prosperous and "focused" New Year! God bless you all...


Lynn said...

Oh! Thanks for reminding me! I almost forgot to think about what my 2011 word will be. I need to get on that. Maybe I should "focus". ; D

Great word by the way! I know you will do great at it.

michelle said...

I really like that Mary! What a perfect word that has so much meaning! I pray that you are able to focus or re-focus on much this year and have a wonderful New Year!!