Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas has come and gone, but I did want to post about Christmas 2010. It was AWESOME! And it was awesome, not because of all of the fabulous,  fun-filled gifts, but because of the spirit of the season that permeated our lives.

Brad and I had decided to really cut back this year. I admit, I tend to go WAY overboard and overload these poor *Littles* with so much "stuff" that they hardly know what to do with it all. So I happily agreed and put more thought into what I actually gave to each of my loved ones...and it was amazing!

We tried to focus more on the life of Christ and what His life has meant to us. We read more scriptures, read the biblical accounts of His birth and other accounts of His life and ministry upon the earth. I can't believe what a difference that really made to us. Don't get me wrong, every year we read about Him and remember Him, but this year we made it our primary focus and THAT made a difference.

I was finished with my shopping in November and my house was decorated shortly after Thanksgiving. We made time for friends and neighbors and took time to just relax and enjoy the season...no pressure!

Of course, on Christmas morning, we HAD to go over to Aja's and watch the *Littles* open their gifts. It was mayhem (in a great way) and the excitement and enthusiasm was the best gift ever! Alakina was completely over-the-top with her excitement and squeals at each gift that was opened...whether it was hers or not...didn't matter. Stella was more subdued, just happy to be there.
Natalie and Tyler came up from SLC in the morning so they were able to spend some time with us. We had a nice breakfast and watched the kids play with a few things before we left to visit my parents in the valley.

My brother, Paul and his family came over to mom & dad's. In fact, Paul deep-fried a turkey that was D.E.L.I.S.H!! His kids are adorable and were so excited to see us (it melted my heart). We had a nice day and after Paul's family left, we hung out with my parents and just relaxed. It was a nice day!

After all was said and done, it was a beautiful Christmas! It was filled with so much love and appreciation, way too much food, and the best was reconnecting with family and friends that we tend to get too busy for during the year. I missed Britt, Evan and their 2 *Littles* which would have made it a completely perfect day. I did talk to them and the animation in Anthony's voice still makes me laugh! He was so darling and thanked me for the specific gifts that I sent. It's difficult to not share that day with them, but they were with me in my heart!

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