Monday, January 3, 2011

One Day at a Time

I wanted to post an update on my sweet boy, Tyler. I mentioned that he entered drug rehab a couple of months ago of his own accord and this is what has been happening.

1. HE calls ME every few days...I used to never hear from him unless he needed money.

2. He attends group meetings almost every night: CA (Cocaine Anonymous) HA (Heroin Anonymous) and an outpatient support group through one of our local hospitals that takes up 3-4 of his nights.

3. When I talk to him, I can actually understand what he is more slurring or ghetto talk.

4. His skin is clear and healthy looking.

5. We actually carry on a "normal" conversation about normal things!

6. His entire countenance has changed...he has a sweetness that has been long-time lacking.

7. He talks about a future with real plans and with hope!

It has only been a few months and I know that anything can happen, but I am very proud of him for taking a different course this time. In the past, he would get out of rehab and generally start using the very day he got out! He would make new "drug" friends while in rehab (sort of ironic, don't you think?!?) and he just simply fell into the same old traps that he had previously fallen into.

At Christmas, he actually drove up to Midway (Christmas morning) and was here by 8:30 AM!! This was HUGE! He also came bearing gifts for my 3 *Littles*...again, huge...and gave me a card with a very heart-felt letter that he made me cry and was the BEST thing he has ever given me!

I have never prayed so hard for anyone in my entire life! This is a kind-hearted, sweet natured, loving and selfless boy...when he's clean...when he's using, not so much!!

I can only continue to pray for him and stay close to him. It's difficult to let my guard down, but I am trying and so far it's working out well. I actually enjoy hearing from him where in the past my heart sank when I saw his number pop up on my phone. I don't know how many days he has been clean. Numbers don't matter. But what does matter is that he finds the skills to combat this monster that has so plagued his life for the past 7 years. He is starting to love himself again and see his worth. And he is finding God. That is the only way he will win this battle!


Love Being a Nonny said...

My MOMMY HEART both aches and rejoices with you. I will commit to praying for your son...and for YOU. Oh how I pray this is life changing for him!!!!

michelle said...

Oh Mary I am so very happy for you and your family! You both look so happy in the picture, what a blessing and an amazing Christmas present! I pray that each day makes him stronger and bring him closer to you and to God!

Lynn said...

Mary this is the most wonderful Christmas news! I am SO happy for the both of you. I will continue to pray along with you. He truly has the best mom ever!

BARBIE said...

I am so happy to hear how well your son is doing. I will continue to pray as he recovers. May God continue to open his eyes to the love of the Father!

♥ helen said...

I am so happy for you and your son :)