Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Madness

April is a pretty big month around here for birthdays. Miss Alakina turned 5 this past week and she blew it out in style! First Aja had a party on the actual night of her birthday for the family. Alakina requested "Chicken-on-a-stick" (??) which we figured was Shish-ka-bobs. They were actually delicious and along with grilled veggies-on-a-stick, it was mighty tasty.

Next came the cake. Since the kids were 2 years old, Aja lets them decorate a cake for all of us. This is this years masterpiece:

I think there were more sprinkles than cake and every color of the rainbow was represented! She was SO proud of her creation...It was delicious and we all ate it!
Of course we had gifts for her and she was in heaven! She is actually a very gracious little girl and is very thankful for all she receives.

Her little brother loved the cake...and this is the end result of his feasting:

I envy someone who really gets into their food...what more can I say??

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