Monday, April 18, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Is it really April already? I am utterly amazed at how fast time flies and how in the blink of an eye, the day is over! Is it just me??
I realize that I have only posted once this whole month. In months past I was pretty diligent and posted several times a week...I guess I haven't had much to say and for me, that's unusual.

I will say that this past week was a blast for me! Last Sunday, I left with Aja, her husband Ryan and their 3 kids to go to Disneyland for the week. It was the first time for the *Littles* and the second time for her hubs. As a child, I went to Disneyland many times during the year since my dad had to take people there for his work. I always loved it but it became rather routine and mundane at times and I probably didn't appreciate it as much as I should have...then my kids came along and we took them usually twice a year with their cousins who lived in San Diego. Those were great times!

So to go back with a new generation was amazing! We arrived in California on a Monday afternoon and decided to take the kids (who were jumping out of their skins) to "Downtown Disney" which is between Disneyland and California Adventure. We had dinner at the "Rainforest Cafe" and the kids loved it! They were so excited to see the animated animals move around during dinner along with the "rainstorms"and thought they had died and gone to heaven...little did they know that the next day was going to blow their minds!

We arrived at the park just as it opened.

On the shuttle, ready to go!
Aja wrote her cell number on each of the kids arms with a black "sharpie" in case they got lost...Genius if you ask me! (she's not scarred, I erased the last 4 digits...)She also dressed them alike.

Aja immediately took us to Fantasyland to stand in line for Dumbo. She remembered that it was usually a long line and wanted to get it out of the girl. Mercifully, I got to sit that one out with the baby. The girls were thrilled and the adventure began...they could hardly contain themselves as they flitted from one ride to the next. The lines were unbelievably short and in fact the longest we waited was the Dumbo and Peter Pan lines!
Peter Pan was next, then Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Pinocchio.
Tage was in a bit of "shock and awe"...

To see the pure excitement on these *Littles* faces was worth everything. Of course, Aja had to get them "Ears"...

This was the ONLY picture of this little guy with ears on, hence the blur!

We ventured on to "Pirates of the Caribbean" which absolutely terrified Alakina! She would not face forward because the waterfalls scared her as well as the pirates, yet she LOVED "Big Thunder Mountain" which is a pretty crazy roller coaster, go figure. So when we got off of Pirates and Ali heard Stella rave about the ride, she decided she wanted to go on it again...she then loved it!

Ali terrified...

Of course the girls LOVED "It's A Small World"

See that cute little guy in Aja's arms? Well don't be fooled...Just moments after this picture was taken, he punched Mickey in the face! was pretty hilarious, especially when I heard Aja apologizing Mickey!! Had to be there, but trust me, it was hysterical!

The characters LOVED the girls...
Ali was crying and Goofy stopped to dry her sweet!

It was a great trip. I was TOTALLY exhausted when we got back home, but it was COMPLETELY worth it! Priceless!!

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addicted2shius said...

Awww you were semi-close to where I'm at! I love Disneyland soooooo much! Even still now that I'm grown. Only not all my kids share in my excitement. I'm glad you all had fun! It's hard not to when you're there. It's so magical.

And the phone number on the arm...such a smart idea! I'll have to try that cuz my kids aren't good at memorizing it!