Monday, January 14, 2013

Airline Adventures

So many people ask me why I never post about my adventures as a flight attendant. Let me explain...

First of all, working with the traveling public is never boring. I have just about seen and heard it all. I have had many positive experiences, a few negative ones and a plethora of humorous ones. I think that goes without saying. But here is the real reason why I don't post about my passengers.

1. I respect their privacy.  It's true that I could post without using their names, flight numbers, destinations etc., but I just respect their right to fly without it being put out on the worldwide web.

2. Everyone flies for a different reason. While I wish that all my passengers were jetting off to a fantastic vacation destination, reality is, many fly to say goodbye to a dying loved one or to bury a beloved Friend. We don't always know.

3. I'm kind of appalled at what fellow flight attendants put up on Facebook about their passengers. While I understand all too well their frustrations with erratic or unusual behavior, there is usually an underlying reason which, quite frankly, is none of our business. Our job is to offer each passenger the best customer service and safety and ensure that they are treated with kindness and respect.

4. While it is true that I see "everything" regarding the attire of my passengers, and I have my own personal standards for what I feel is appropriate travel attire, who am I to judge?  Until I walk (or fly) a mile in their shoes, who am I to critisize their choices. In my opinion, it is a disgrace for any flight attendant to post pictures of questionable dressed passengers and then ridicule them or set them up for ridicule by the cyber world. (There are actually websites and apps of pictures of passengers that are solely for the purpose of making fun of me...very sad...)

And finally...

5. I respect my company. I work for an exceptional airline that is well respected in the airline industry. Becoming a flight attendant is competitive in this slow economy. SkyWest has put their trust and faith in me to represent them with professionalism.

So there you have it. Thank you for your understanding and I hope to have you on my flight one day!


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Lynn said...

What a world this would be if everyone in it had your sense of integrity!

I am honored to know you. ; )