Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pure Joy

One of my sweet blogger friends wrote a post similar to this...I loved it so I've taken her idea and run with it!

5 Reasons Why My Life is Filled With Pure JOY:

Alakina: she is now 6...SIX!! Where has the time gone?? She is in 1st grade, reads like a 3rd grader, she's beautiful, funny, sweet, has the biggest heart and is a friend to everyone. She just lost her 2 front teeth which is evidence that she is really growing up! She loves sports, plays the violin, loves to dance and thrives on performing. She is very adventurous, loves community service and wants to really experience life. Her biggest worry is that "so many boys" want to marry her and she just can't decide!!

Anthony: he just turned 6...he's in Kindergarten, super smart, was "Student Star" for he month. He's tender hearted, sweet, very artistic and also adventurous. He loves the outdoors, riding snow mobiles (he has his very own) loves to save money, loves football and plays football, is friends with everyone and he melts my heart!

Stella: she is now 5 but still in Pre-School because of her birthday being after the deadline. She is very sensitive, a little shy, has a huge, guttural laugh but has a sweet little voice. She's a total girly girl who LOVES make-up, skirts, dress-ups, excels in gymnastics and dance. She also loves animals and loves to ride horses. And, as you can see, she LOVES to pose!!

Brooklyn: she is 3 but looks older because she has this thick, silky amazing hair and has the vocabulary of a 6 year old. Her eyes are the most vibrant blue and she is my ONLY blue-eyed grandchild (out of 3 blue-eyed children!!) She's beautiful, funny, coy, loves to dance and make funny faces, loves dolls, make-up and dress-ups. She is strong-willed, sweet and feisty (just like her mommy!!)

Tage: he's 3...he's our baby but we don't dare call him that! He has a smile that will melt anyone's heart. Is super strong-willed, mischievous, devious and smart. He loves my iPad and can navigate his way around any electronic device. He has a sense of humor that is over-the-top. He loves superheroes and makes the most amazing car and monster sounds ever. He loves to let my hubs pop his toes and repeats silly phrases (with silly faces) that my hubs teaches him.

Just let me say "Thank You" for letting me brag a bit about my precious grandchildren. I used to call them my "Littles", but they have informed me that they are too big now so I guess I have to come up with something else...at any rate, they are a true blessing in my life and I find so much joy in watching them grow and develop into real people! I pray non-stop for them and thank The Lord everyday for allowing me to be their Nana!

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Love Being A Nonny said...

Love this glimpse into your life with them! They are precious children and I love how they each have their own personalities!!