Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tragedy, Love & Heaven

I went to a viewing last night. In some parts of the country, it's called a wake. Wherever you are, it's always a bit sad. This was extremely emotional because this was a viewing of two BEAUTIFUL little boys who were taken from us tragically this past Friday by an avalanche while snowmobiling with their family.

For those of you not in Utah, let me tell you a few details...the boys were 14 and 7. Their names were Coleman and Trevin and they happened to be the grandsons of one of my hubs dearest friends. They came from a beautiful family. The oldest and youngest with 2 sisters between them.

As I first heard of this tragedy, not knowing the connection, I was heart-broken...I was sick for their family and friends and I was sick for our community. What started out as a fun-filled family outing on a beautiful day ended in the most horrific manner imaginable to any parent. The snow was supposedly good and they were not in an avalanche area. They had been here many times and were quite experienced riders.

Somehow, an avalanche was triggered. It was quiet, not like the thunderous roaring ones we often hear about. One of the sisters was buried up to her waist which showed her parents and other sister where to start digging. I can't begin to imagine the fear and panic that these parents experienced as they tried and tried to dig them out from under 3 feet of snow....of course, we all know the outcome. Two young lives were cut short that sunny day...Taken to heaven and safe in the arms of The Lord.

But there is a certain sweetness to the rest of this story that I share with reverence and humility...

As the slide happened, Coleman (the 14 year old) realized that his little brother would be inevitably buried alive. He chose to jump to his brother's side and try to save him...they both perished...

When they finally got to the boys, they witnessed a most beautiful sight. 14 year old Coleman had his arm tenderly wrapped around his baby brother...he literally sacrificed his life for his brother. This precious boy is a HERO! What a powerful example of unconditional love!

At the viewing last night, we waited 90 minutes to see the family. As we approached the room, my heart melted...I will NEVER forget what I saw...I saw only one casket...with two loving brothers laying in rest together...and yes!...Coleman's arm was wrapped around his baby brother...



BARBIE said...

Oh my gosh. This is so heartbreaking, yet what a beautiful sight it must have been to see these two brothers laid to rest together.

Lynn said...

OH my. Be still my heart. I can't even imagine what this family must be going through, as they now begin to adjust to their new family dynamics.

What sweet precious souls those two young boys must be to go home so early. How sweet a picture that is, knowing they went back together and are laid to rest together only to be resurrected one day, together.