Friday, October 29, 2010

CrAzY Hair Day!

The other day, Alakina had "Crazy Hair Day" at her pre-school. She has looooong, thick hair, so coming up with something pretty crazy is not really a very difficult task.
Having said that, Aja totally outdid herself! She took a small water bottle (emptied it, of course), placed it on top of Ali's head and then pulled all of that long, luxurious hair up over the top, securing it with an elastic around the lid then put a cute decorative hair ribbon around the elastic, sprayed the heck out of it and voila! was SO cute!
She was a hit! Now she wants "Crazy Hair Day" everyday!


Lee said...

she could be cindy lu who!

Marnie said...

Now how cool is that? I love it :0) Beautiful child (and hair).

All the best,
Marnie xo

Julie said...

Very cute! I was never that creative on crazy hair days. Although, once we gave Daniel a buzz on only one side of his head for a crazy hair day. We buzzed the rest after school.

addicted2shius said...

That's awesome! I'm gonna have to try it!!!