Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to Fall

I am blessed to live in a part of the country that has 4 distinct seasons. In Utah it's definately FALL and I love it! The leaves have fallen (and are continuing to fall) off of our 2 large willow trees and our yard is perpetually a mess, but I don't care because the crisp snap in the air, the vibrant colors on the mountains and the delicious smells in my house more than make up for the leafy mess outside!

We took a ride with my parents to see the Fall foilage around our home and this year did not disappoint!
This is just 1 bush...crazy, huh??
Fall, to me, represents the beginning of the Holidays. I adore Thanksgiving and Christmas, but quite frankly, I could pass on Halloween...I know, I know, most people love Halloween, but me...not so much. Never have! I did enjoy making costumes for my kids when they were little and I loved seeing the cute little goblins who came to my door, but I have never liked dressing up. I haven't ever really understood why we celebrate this macabe day other than to celebrate the creation of refined sugars {?!?} I was one of those moms who allowed, even encouraged, my kids to eat all of their candy as fast as they could. My reasoning was that they could be obnoxious and hyper for a week, then it would be over and we could move on...didn't really work!

Of course, one of my favorite things about this time of year that I absolutely adore are the warm, homey amazing foods with their wafting aromas...probably a bit too much as I become an obsessive baker which doesn't help my waistline!

Fall also represents to me the beginning of this year, I'm determined to take time to simplify and enjoy the ride. I am determined to enjoy all of the holidays. Yes, even my dreaded Halloween.

Having said that, I am anxious to pull out my fall decorations, and yes, I do have some cute Halloween decor.

The colors of Fall are my very favorite colors ever. Since I was a little girl, yellow has always been my favorite color. It doesn't matter what shade, I just LOVE yellow! But put together with the rich reds, oranges, greens, purples and browns, I just go nuts...

So as we begin our arrival into the Holiday Season, I just want to say that I hope everyone has a magnificent season and that we take the time to stop and enjoy the sites, smells and, most importantly the people in our lives who mean the very most to us!


Julie said...

Your fall photos are gorgeous! The reds and fluorescent oranges are my favorite. I also love the aspens at their peak. With the sun shining through their bright yellow leaves, they can be breathtakingly beautiful.

Linds said...

Wow, those colors are beautiful! And I too love the pumpkin roll!