Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Adorable Family in Idaho

My beautiful daughter, Britt, her hubs, Evan, Anthony & Brooklyn

I post a lot about  Aja's 3 *Littles*. Really, this is only because they live around the corner from me and I see them everyday. But, I do have 2 others who live in Idaho. I don't see them as often as I would like to, but I love and adore them every bit as much as my other 3. They are precious and I miss them terribly!

Anthony and Brooklyn are my daughter, Brittany's children. Anthony is almost 4 and Brooklyn is almost 18 months.

Ah, yea...he  decided to stamp his face!

Anthony is so sweet, full of energy and personality. He is precocious, curious and always doing something goofy! He is constantly saying hilariously funny things and Britt posts them on her Facebook page every once in a while. I have asked her to make a list and send them to me so I can write them in my blog posts...she has yet to do that...I'll get on her!

I do remember some that she has posted:

1. You know its bad when your 3 yr old tells you "its terrible" I just colored my hair "dark brown" Anthony says ok mom lets see it... Its just terrible =( oh well what do you do???

2. Evan: Anthony you cost me so much money! Anthony: no I dont! Evan: uh yes you do! Anthony: no dad trust me I dont!!! Lol he cracks me up!!!

3. Anthony: mom where is the spray bottle? Me: why? Anthony: because I need to style my hair... I dont want my friends to see my messy hair! Me: What hair???

4.  Britt: Anthony you are too cute! Anthony:Mom why you say that every day? Britt: cause you are cute! Anthony: No I'm awesome!!!

Not sure who's sense of style he inherited!

Just a few of is "Anthonyisms"...more to come.

Getting her hair cut...she has the thickest hair!!

Look at those gorgeous eyes...like mother, like daughter...

Brooklyn, on the other hand, is more quiet...at least as far as I have seen. It has been several months since I've been able to be around her and she was more subdued, mellow and just a real lover. From what I've been told by her mommy, she is getting quite the little temper! I have to laugh because Britt was my feisty child with a strong-willed temper...hmmm...

I miss these beautiful children. They are my heart and soul and I think about them everyday.


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Love Being a Nonny said...

What a beautiful family!! I KNOW how much you miss them...my Nonny heart misses mine every day too! PRECIOUS children!!