Friday, February 5, 2010

A Bunch of Nothing Friday

A special thanks to Sarah over at "Clover Lane" for her inspiration to sum up the week with "A Bunch of Nothing" Fridays (Her blog is amazing and one of my favs).

1. Survived the craziness of the fashion show that my daughter, son and granddaughter were in. But it was fun to be Alakina's personal assistant.

2. Made yummy shrimp enchiladas with NO recipe...even Brad liked them and he thinks seafood and mexican just don't mix.

3. Taught my friend's Sunday School class with virtually NO advance notice...Do you know the difference between "transgression" and "sin"...I do now!

4. Sick of being CoLd!

5. Even though it's cold, I can't get over how beautiful it is living in the mountains! I think it's funny that I have to shoo the deer away before I can back my car out of the driveway.

6. Baby Tage is getting stronger everyday. Now he just needs to sleep more than 20 min. at a time...poor Aja, she's exhausted all the time.

7. Anxious to see "Dear John" which arrives in theaters today.

8. Can't wait to see "Valentine's Day" which arrives in theaters next Friday and can't wait for the actual day next Sunday... such a sweet holiday (no pun intended).

9. Planning a St. George weekend getaway with Brad to go to my girlfriend's "Wellness Retreat for Women" (Brad will work while I'm, retreating!) So excited to run around in a t-shirt without a jacket, but more excited for the retreat.

10. Love the cute teenage girls in my ward but amazed at how they complicate their lives so unnecessarily...did I really do that when I was a teenager??

11. I admit that I watch "The Bachelor" and I've made my husband watch it with me! It's pretty hilarious that people actually think they can find "love" on national TV while millions (OK, maybe thousands) of people watch the potential husband locking lips with different women on the same day declaring that he's "beginning to fall" for each one of them...YIKES...(but I can't stop watching)!

12. Can't wait for "Survivor-Heroes vs. Villians" Thursday... (Hi. I'm Mary. I'm a Reality-Show-aholic.)

13. Survived watching one of my best friends deal with a cold-hearted heartbreak. Even though it's for the best, it's still difficult to watch=(

14. Ready to get started planning Swiss Days. So much fun:)

15. Looking forward to Sunday when my sweet grandbaby, Tage will be getting blessed. Afterwards, we'll eat Chili con Queso (our family fav) and watch the Superbowl...Go Saints!

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