Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Good and the Bad

"On Good days you live, on Bad days you learn"

I heard this saying recently and it really hit me. I think that I have more good days than bad, but when they're bad, they are the ones that I sometimes want to forget the most. Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong! Maybe I need to start remembering the bad days a little bit more...not dwell on the negativity, but look for the lessons and then remember.

I had a really bad day a couple of weeks ago. Everything that could go wrong did and it seemed like NOTHING went the way I wanted it to. As I try to remember the specific events of the day, I have found that I really cannot remember why it was such a tough day! Maybe the lessons that I needed to learn simply were not learned! It makes me worry because now do I have to have a repeat of those same experiences? They may come in a different package, but did I learn the lessons of the day??

The blessings in my life are amazingly unbelievable! I have more than anyone could ever really need and yet I sometimes find myself wanting more. This year I am focusing on realizing my everyday blessings and finding signifigance in each day. I chose my word for the year and it is "SIGNIFICANT"... (I did a post on my old blog...maybe I'll repeat the post on this one)...But, I still have the "bad days"

I have had to remember that these tough days can turn out to be the best if we ride the storm and allow it to pass without destroying us. There have been SO many times when I have "survived" a day and later looked back on it only to realize that it did indeed make me stronger even though I never want to repeat that same day!

But equally important are the "good days". Those seem to be the times that I take for granted, like I'm entitled to only have a good day! Those days are indeed the days to "live" and enjoy and cherish and treasure! If they are ignored or taken for granted, they are in vain.

So here's to life! Live it each day to the fullest. Laugh until you hurt and Love it more than you can imagine.

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