Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Full Moon

Last Saturday night, Brad and I were driving home from Salt Lake. It was dark and the sky was cloudy and overcast. They call it the "Inversion" in Salt Lake City...I call it Smog! Maybe that's the Calfornia girl in me, but let's get's ugly, it's brown, it stinks...SMOG...

As we were driving up Parley's Canyon and as we were climbing in altitude, we saw a faint glow in the sky. We came around a turn and there it was! We were treated to a most beautiful, glowing full moon! It was awe inspiring as we drove in the dark of the night lit, at times, only by the light of this amazingly beautiful full moon.

It made me wonder how many other people in the world were gazing up at that very sight. What were they thinking and where were they? Did they stand in awe as I did? Did they appreciate the glory of the Creator as I did? I wonder.

I know that no matter where we are, we all can see the moon at one time or another. Sometimes we can see it in one city but not in a neighboring city. Sometimes we have to change our route to be able to see clearly. Sometimes the route changes have to be even bigger than that. But, if we make the necessary changes, we are treated to a most incredible sight.

I remember when I flew, that we would be on the runway, in position waiting to take-off in the "inversion". As we would roll down the runway, I would look out the window and barely be able to see the mountains...sometimes, I couldn't see them at all. In just a matter of minutes, we would lift off and rise above the thick, brown, smelly gunk and the most pristine blue sky welcomed us.

That's life isn't it? Life requires changes and re-routes. It requires that we rise above the gunk and soar to beautiful heights. When we do that, we can once again see!

I have had to make changes over and over and over in my life and I fully expect to make more changes as I journey though this life. I used to be more stubborn and balk at very much change...but I have learned that the only way to see clearly and to breathe fresh air, is to re-route, change course or climb to greater heights.

So each time I look at the moon, whether full or not, I am thankful to be out of the "gunk" and it inspires me to rise above the gloom and appreciate all that I have. I see more clearly and I think with clarity. It's not that hard to do, it's just necessary to do it!

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