Friday, February 19, 2010

Is It Only Me?

Is it just me or do other women visit a place and ask their husbands if they can pack up and move (together, of course)? We are in St. George, UT which, for my out-of-state friends, is located in the very most Southwest corner of Utah and is just 2 hours away from Las Vegas and 4 hours away from where I live. St. Geroge has become like a mini Palm Springs, full of retirees but also filled with amazing families.

We got here Wed. night and I immediately noticed that when we were unpacking our car, that my jacket was still IN the car and I didn't need was heavenly. Yesterday it was 66 degrees and granted, we are in a desert, but it was beautiful. There is NO air pollution and the homes are set against the most vibrant red clay bluffs you have ever seen and the colors of the desert are rich and luscious . I think I am so "Color Deprived" because all I have seen lately is brown and LOTS of white!

I dragged my sweet hubby down here (not a tough thing to do) and assured him that he could work while I attended my girlfriend's "Wellness For Women" retreat (that post will be in a few days). My darling friend is one of those lucky women who has a fabulous home up in Midway (Northern Utah) as well as another fabulous home in St. George. After we took a sunrise hike yesterday morning, I went back to the hotel only to inform my sweet Brad that "we ARE buying a home down here!" He chuckled, patronized me and assured me that when we are able, we will indeed purchase a place in this gorgeous oasis.

So, is it only me? Or do other women want to just pick up and move when they visit a different city? I feel this way when I go to Hawaii, NYC, London and just about any other of our "vacation" spots. I feel this insatiable need to feel assured that we can come back at a moments whim. I almost become obsessed and find myself picking up flyers for homes that are listed on the market. I become a crazy woman on a quest to find a new home!

Don't get me wrong, I love where I live, but to have another place in another city is a dream of mine. We've talked about getting a condo in Hawaii, not a time-share, a real bonafide condo. We've talked about getting something small on the East Coast close to NYC (taxes are killer in NYC). I guess I just have to be patient and trust that if it's something that will benefit us and our family, then we will find a way to make it happen...or maybe I can just be happy with what I DO have and be content with staying in hotels when we visit all of these fun places...I don't know!

This is what I left...

This is what I came to...

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