Friday, May 7, 2010

Ants Be Gone!

OK, I know that you are going to think that I'm NUTS...and I probably am...but with Spring around the corner (yes, you heard me, "around the corner" in the mountains here in Utah...hopefully) those pesky little critters called ANTS are alive and well and EVERYWHERE. Never fear, I have the PERFECT solution and it pure and it's organic. No harmful pesticides, just Mother Nature at her best!

When my parents were serving their mission in Central America, I was blessed with the opportunity to go down and visit them twice while they were living in Guatemala. Those were amazing trips and I will forever cherish the fabulous memories I have of learning about the culture of those humble people. What does this have to do with getting rid of these annoying little creatures? It was there, in Guatemala, that I learned a life-changing solution to an age-old problem!

Since the natives are very poor in this beautiful country and live off the land, they have to rely on nature for many of their cures, so to speak. They have THE answer for ridding themselves of ants...and I mean EVERY kind of ant in existence! They simply use human urine as a heard me right...good ole' fashioned Pee! And if it's from North America, they are thrilled because there are no parasites. They bottle it and save it for pesticides as well as for fertilizer!!

When I got back from my second trip down there, it was Spring, almost Summer, and I noticed I had an ant problem in certain places outside my house. I started noticing tiny mounds of dirt along the cracks of my walkway and on my front porch. I used commercial ant spray and the ants disappeared...for awhile...then they were back! I did this a few times but the little suckers always returned and it was driving me crazy!!

So I remembered what I had learned in Guatemala and thought I'd give it a shot. I enlisted the help from my son, for my backyard...(aren't little boys great??) He was about 10 and I told him to go in the back yard and pee on every ant hill he could find...he was ELATED! He dutifully did his business and proudly bounced back into the house announcing that he had completed his task!

We waited and watched for several ants...then it turned into ants and by the end of the summer, we had NO MORE ants!! Not ONE!...OK, let me explain. We had no recurrence of ants in the areas he "sprayed". We did have some in other places, but as soon as he would pee on those areas, they NEVER returned!

Who'd-u-thunk?? It really works and I have used this natural pesticide throughout the years. Even though my son is grown and gone, paper cups come in real handy! So now you know! Mother Nature has even given us natural pesticides. Amazing!


Lee said...

gross.. I use baby powder in the house when they come in.. it works great

Lynn said...

HA hA! THat is SO funny! Who would of ever thought they would bottle the stuff! LOL!

Thanks for the tip!! I will use it for sure. Outside anyway.

I never heard of baby powder in the house either. Thanks for that tip as well Lee.

Barbie said...

I hate ants and am willing to try anything. My 6 year old be happy to target the ant hills I am sure!

CASSIE said...

I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my entire life! And to think this is all FACT!!! :)
Thanks for a great entry. LOL.
I almost thought your post was going to be called: "Gullible Hill" ;)

Joni said...

Wow that is something I might have to try! Well, not me! I will send my boys out into the yard! Never knew this! Where I live we get huge ant hills in the yard. Something out of a movie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now a new follower and friend.

Buffi Neal said...

Ok.. so I took your tip to heart and thought I'd do it early in the morning before the neighbors woke. Just as I was squatting over that pesky ant hill… hello dog-walking neighbor! Yeah! Alright – that didn’t really happen, but that’s what I pictured when I read your story and I was laughing out loud.
Thanks for the tip. I loved Guatemala too (1984)!
Following back from Friday Follow.
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Connie said...

Okay, Mary . . . I remember when you brought a cup of pee out to pour on the ants by our fence. AND for all of your followers, IT DOES WORK! Since, I have used this form of pesticide . . . my boys are just too old to help with this, but paper cups do work well!! Miss you and all of the fun we used to have!!
Your post brought a big smile to my face today!! :)