Monday, May 31, 2010

Proud To Be An American!

I must confess that for many years I just looked at Memorial Day as a "free" day to spend doing whatever I wanted with no real regard to the significance of the day. As I have gotten older I have come to really apprecate this day as a day of remembrance and recognition for the thousands/millions who have fought to ensure the freedoms that we appreciate to this day.

I love being an American! I think we have the greatest country on earth and my heart swells when I see an American flag, hear our National Anthem or see one of our Military personnel in uniform. I am grateful to these unselfish men/women who fight for our liberty. But just being grateful isn't enough! Really, truly honoring them and their efforts takes work by doing Our Part to help Preserve the freedoms that they sacrificed their lives for.

I am married to THE MOST PATRIOTIC man I have ever met! Hands down, my hubs is totally, 100% committed to fighting for the preservation of our Nation's freedoms that were set forth by our Founding Fathers. He walks the talk and he doesn't bend! He stands by his principles and speaks his mind. He loves this country and he gets involved. Every single day, he is reading a book about our Founders, or the beginnings of our Nation, or a periodical about the state of our Republic today...Without fail! He is a true Patriot...not a 4th of July flag waver, a real Patriot who is willing to lay his life down for this great Country of ours. He is a true example to me and so many others in our community who respect him and seek him out for answers to questions they may have regarding our local and national politics. I am proud of my husband!

I have also learned, as I have gotten older, that I have to fight, I'm not donning a military uniform or carrying a rifle and I'm not leaving my family to go to some far off land...I'm fighting right here in my own little oasis of comfort. I get involved in my own community. I go to City Council Meetings and try to educate myself on the agenda items discussed. I write to my Congressman/Senator every month and share my opinions with them imploring them to do the right thing (according to the U.S. Constitution) and represent me as I wish to be represented. I vote in every election and I take my vote seriously. I get to know the candidates and learn their position on issues. I go to local caucus meetings and am currently serving as Secretary/Treasurer for our local Precinct. I, like my husband, love my Country and am proud to be an American.

I say all this not to boast, but to share. I share this because I have observed that too many great Americans have become complacent. Many complain about what is taking place in Washington D.C. but sit idly by and do nothing. Many bury their heads in the sand and just "don't want to hear it". Many see what's going on and disagree but remain silent hoping that it will "all work out" won't! It won't work out if we don't continue to fight for what we know to be right...and it's simple!
  1. Know what you stand for! Someone once said, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything".
  2. Get Involved. Make sure you are registered to vote. Read about your candidates and understand their position on the issues. Attend a city council meeting (they're public). Then make an informed vote...make your vote count.
  3. Write your elected officials. It's easy! The most effective way to send your opnion on any particular issue is to fax it to them. You can find their fax numbers online here. Faxing is preferred to U.S. Mail ever since the Antrax scare...My husband was in D.C. several years ago and visited with some of our U.S.Congressmen/women who told him that for every 1 person who wrote to them, it represented between 100-150 who feel the same way but who don't write!! Are you being represented your voice being heard??
One of our Founders said, "An informed and freedom-loving people can never be enslaved!"

So my tribute to all of the men and women who have so bravely and valiantly fought for our freedoms is this: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I pledge, as a citzen of the United States of America, to continue to fight in my own little corner of the world. I love this Country and am so proud to be an American! God bless you all...


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Great post. Yes, I am proud to be an American too and a big thanks to all you have served and all who are serving now to protect our country. Love & blessings from NC!

Tree said...

Beautiful post....another proud American here! I completely agree with your points. My thoughts, thanks and prayers go out to all of our military men and women!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

FANTASTIC post! Thank you! Thank you for giving the link to the fax numbers as well. I'm also proud to be an Amrican!