Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday:My Hero, My Dad

Boy oh boy has this been a difficult few weeks! I guess that's just how life is...ugh...

Last night Brad and I drove down to my parents house and had a wonderful time with my sweet dad...(my mother was at an Opera rehearsal and didn't get home til late). He is 81 years old, pretty much confined to a wheelchair, in chronic pain and overall, physically breaking down. But, his mind is completely there and his ability to dispense his amazing words of wisdom is second to none!

As we were getting ready to leave, we went into my dad's room to make sure he had everyting he needed before we left. I heard a moan coming from his room so Brad and I hoofed it in there only to find my dad on the floor...he had fallen! We helped him up, checked his shoulder that he hit on the dresser and sat with him for awhile. My heart was breaking!

It hit me that this sweet man who has always been a great strength and rock to me, is dying. He has been doing so for a long time and as a family, we kind of joke about it. But this time it was different. I caught a glimpse of sadness, loss and mourning. Tears filled my eyes and I felt compelled to speak to him as though it was my last face-to-face meeting with him. I told him of my great love for him and how I am honored to be his daughter. I told him that I will miss him when he is gone. I said to him, "dad, when you get to the other side and see all of my faults, will you promise that you will still love me?" He laughed and assured me that he would.

I don't know how much longer my dad has on this earth but I do know that he is an example of enduring to the very end! He is an example of strength and courage as he faces the new journey that awaits him. He is my hero and I am so thankful for him!


CASSIE said...

This was a beautiful and sweet tribute to your Dad. Your sentiments have brought tears to my eyes...
(I'm so glad your Father is alright after that nasty fall!)
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and for reminding me how precious Family relationships are in the Gospel! ♥

Love Being a Nonny said...

What a precious post. You are SO BLESSED to have this time with your dad. Some people never get that and so wish they had the time tell their dad how much they love him. I know those words spoken to him meant the world to him.

addicted2shius said...

So heart wrenching! It's always difficult to see family members suffer, especially those who you've always known to be your strength. There is always some comfort in the Gospel but I can imagine how hard it is right now. You are blessed to be able to have such a wonderful man in your life. I will keep your family in our prayers.

Connie said...

Is your dad still at home or in a care facility? I am so sad to hear of the trials he is going through and what you are going through as well. I'm so glad you were there for him!
love you!

Brad said...

Connie, he's still at home and is doing OK. he had his pacemaker battery replaced today so he's still ticking!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What a sweet post! That picture with your Dad is precious. I love the expression on his face while he is holding his icecream. So cute! What a wonderful time you had with him. He truly knows how much you love him and I am so glad that you shared that with him. Praying for you during this hard time in your life. Dads are pretty special, aren't they? Love & blessings from NC!

joeandbridge said...

Good Morning! Happy FF!
Have a Great Weekend!

Bridgette Groschen
Groschen Goblins

Connie said...

These are sweet times for you with your dad because you never know when his last day will be. We lost Dwight's dad in January and every visit last year was a sweet one with me photographing each time with his grandchildren, great grandchildren and his sons. We had a wonderful 90th Birthday day and his passing was a celebration because he lived a great life and was in the presence of the LORD at his death. Much to be joyful for even though we miss him here on earth.

Praying for a peace and joy during this time for you and your family.