Wednesday, August 11, 2010

6 Fabulous Fun-Filled Years

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. I feel badly that I didn't post yesterday, but I woke up and hit the ground running! So here is my tribute to my amazing husband...

Forgive me if you have heard this story before, but I think it is so great that I want to tell it again: On February 23, 2004 I was called into work (Delta Flight Attendant) even though it was my "off day". I was told by scheduling that a flight attendant had been injured and needed to be taken off a trip so I would be replacing him and finishing his trip for him. I was also told that I needed to get to the airport ASAP because the plane would be arriving from Portland, OR and the crew was scheduled to depart for Denver in one hour. I raced to the airport so as to not cause a delay for the passengers.

When I arrived at the SLC airport, I signed-in and was told that the plane hadn't even left Portland yet due to a mechanical problem. Now I had over an hour to spare! So I went up to the concourse, found my gate and stowed my bags on the NEW plane that we were going to take. No one was onboard yet except the 2 pilots. I introduced myself and left to go to the Deli and grab a sandwich. I did just that and as I left the Deli and was heading back to the aircraft, I saw this VERY well dressed, handsome man walking towards me. He stopped me and very kindly said, "I just have to tell you that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen"!

I was stunned! I thanked him and we started talking. In just a matter of 15 minutes, we found out that we both new some of the same people, we talked about our kids and family, exchanged some nice pleasantries and then, out of nowhere, I blurted out, "Well, are you going to give me your number, or what"? That is just NOT my style to ask a man for his number...but I'm sure glad I did...(hee hee).

Brad told me that day that he had stayed at a hotel in SLC the night before because he had an early morning flight. He had somehow missed his wake-up call, consequently, he missed his flight. He was stressed to the max because he was on a business trip trying to get to Iowa and since that isn't a real "hot spot" in the airline industry, he was going to end up arriving at his destination well after midnight with a 2 hour drive ahead of him and he had an early morning meeting the next day! I was stressed because I was supposed to be off that day, had to rearrange my plans and did Delta a favor by flying on my off day. We were both at the same place by strange circumstances...hmmm...coincidence??

We said our goodbyes and he boarded his plane to Minneapolis, I walked back to my gate. As I was walking down the jetway, I was overcome with weird...I felt so strongly that it was really important that I pay attention this this potential relationship. What?!? What relationship...I just met the guy! When I landed in Denver, I checked my phone (as I always did) and he had left a very sweet message for me. Awww....

My sweet Brad proposed to me 5 months later in was romantic and wonderful. We spent one day at a Yankees game (Yes, he's a HUGE Yankees fan...and yes, he's used to all of you "Yankees Haters"). During the game he said, "Wouldn't it be awesome to get engaged at Yankee Sadium?" I quickly had visions of my name in lights on the score board with really bad hearts bursting out of the letters saying "Mary, will you Marry me, Brad?" I almost gagged as I bluntly blurted out, "NO, that would not be cool...". I felt kind of bad for shattering his "dream", so during the 7th inning, I turned to him and asked, "Will you marry me?" he beamed and said "Of course!" 

Yankee stadium where I "proposed" to him...

But, the official proposal came the next day. We had finished a fabulous dinner, saw "Hairspray" on Broadway and took a walk up to Central Park. We took a carriage ride through the park and he proposed at "Strawberry Fields" (the memorial that Yoko set up for John Lennon) under a full moon and a starry was PERFECT!
"Strawberry Fields" memorial to John Lennon...
 We were married on August 10, 2004 in my parents was beautiful and we had all of our family and loved ones with us.
Six years later, we are happier than I could have ever imagined. We have certainly had our share of trials in life, but it is so great to travel on this journey together and to really and truly be best friends. He is the sweetest, kindest and most amazing man I have ever known. My kids love and respect him and he has edified my life in ways I never thought were possible. I love this man with all my heart and am so thankful for him!

Thank you, Honey, for walking up to me that day and taking me on the ride of my life! I love you!

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Lynn said...

That is the most romantic story ever. No coincidence there at all!!!! It was totally meant to be.

HAPPY HAPPY anniversary to the both of you!