Monday, August 9, 2010

One More Week!

It's Monday and it's the beginning of the last week that I will be home. I leave for training next Monday night (to check into the hotel) for at least 24 days and class starts promptly at 7:00 AM on Tuesday morning. I am excited, I am stressed, and I am even a bit sad!

I know that this is the right decision for me, and both Brad and I feel very good about things. But my sadness comes in with regard to my sweet family. Obviously I will miss Brad. I HATE being away from him overnight but we both are trying to keep the end "prize" in mind. What will really kill me is being away from all of my *Littles* for a month. They change so much from a month I won't even know them! (O.K., that was a bit dramatic, I know). But little Tage is only 9 months old and just about to crawl and he's pulling himself up, trying to stand. So the next month will be huge for him.

I also will miss my kids. It is so great to talk to my girls everyday and while in training, I'm not so sure we will be able to do that. And if we do, we'll have to keep it short because I know the intensity of the training and the need to focus and study. But all will be well...

Since SkyWest is putting us up in a hotel in SLC that has a kitchen in each room, I am going to get busy this week making Bread, Spaghetti Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Cookies and anything else that I can make to take down there...I also have to make up some of my handy dandy Laundry Soap for Brad and also some for me to take. We have been told that we will be taken to a grocery store the first day to do some shopping, but I'm going to try to take as much food and supplies as I can from my house because I am so CHEAP and I don't want to spend more money on things that may or may not get used while I'm down there.

I have been stressed  because I am trying to tie up all that I can with my Swiss Days position. I have most everything done and my good friend Kerry will be my "on-camera" gal for our media blitz. She went with me last year on a couple of local T.V. shows and news programs and was a real pro. She looked great on camera and she loved it! (I'm in charge of PR and Advertising for Midway Swiss Days). There's so much to be done between now and next Monday, but I'm confident that I will get it all taken care of for this wonderful group of people I work with and I know that Swiss Days will be a huge success with or without me...

SkyWest sent me a Training Packet complete with all-you-need-to-know for the first day of training. When I took the sample tests, I knew ALL of the answers without even perusing the material...same FAA stuff and general airline information that I needed to know at Delta. I know that my previous experience will be an asset in that area. What I'm really worried about is memorizing their PA Delta we didn't have to memorize them and we all kind of adapted them into our own verbage, just making sure that we hit certain important points. I have memorized the SkyWest PA, but have to stop myself from slipping into the Delta PA's out of sheer habit and years of repetition.

My final "stress" point is my wardrobe! While in training, we HAVE to adhere to strict "Business Attire" standards.  I have purchased the necessary items that are required and I am going through my wardrobe trying to find pieces that I can put together since I donated mounds of my old business attire outfits to charity thinking I would never be in the work force again! I DETEST panty hose of any kind and haven't worn them in years other than in the winter I wear tights...$85.00 later, I am set with hosiery...yuck! My biggest challenge is wearing closed toed/heeled shoes! I am a total shoe person, but have mostly open shoes, strappy sandals, gladiator sandals, or funky boots...not many practical pumps.

Overall, I'm almost ready. Mentally, I'm gearing up for the rigorous daily routines of early mornings , late nights, classwork, drills, memorization and tests. I've survived before, I'll do even better this time...hopefully! I'm ready to meet my fellow classmates and form new friendships with all and lifelong relationships with many. Change is difficult. I have been comfortable in my own little routine of life...that's all about to change...but then again, isn't that how life's supposed to be?


Lynn said...

My hat is off to you for making such a huge change at this time in your life. Age is such a relative thing.....sure wish I had the same guts as you. Good for you Mary. I need to be prepared mentally to make these kinds of changes in my life whenever I am called upon to do so for my family.

I can't wait to hear from you when you update us again. In the meantime, know that I will be cheering you on from the sidelines. Good luck!!! You'll do awesome. I just know it.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Praying for you as you attend your job training. You will do just fine, but I know you will miss your sweet family while you are gone. Best of luck with everything. Love & blessings from NC!