Friday, August 13, 2010

Up Up and Away...But Just For Awhile

I have only four more days until I leave for my training with SkyWest Airlines. Since I have done this before (yes, I still have to go through it!) I know how intense it is and therefore am saying a very temporary "good-bye" until I can get back to my blog.

I will still be trying to read my daily favorites, but don't anticipate having the time to keep up with my own. So for now I am saying a fond "farewell". Please check back periodically as I may surprise you! I look forward to sharing all of my "adventures"' with you and hopefully some good humor about my passengers and layovers. I love you all and will miss you, BUT...I'll be back!!


Lynn said...

Good Luck Mary. And remember to "enjoy the journey". Have some fun too. ; D

Barbie said...

Best of luck to you Mary!

Kelsi Bryan said...

Good luck!! :)