Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Men-In-Drag...For Charity!

As promised, I am doing a post about the annual "Men-in-Drag" Softball game for charity that Brad played in. This year we didn't have much time to dress him up with all that has been going on, so I ran to the local thrift shop and found him a dress. He insisted on wearing one of my hats because his"hair" kept getting in his eyes and he wanted to be at his peak when actually playing the game!

We got to the field and it was hilarious (as always) to see these big burly guys dressed as women. My favorite was when 3 of them drove up simultaneously on their Harleys!

Brad & his cousin, Doug Pope

The game started with the usual fanfare; National Anthem, Cheerleaders (in Drag) and the crowd ready for some good laughs. Brad got some good hits, scored a couple of runs, but was really most valuable at First Base! I was actually really impressed with how well he did getting guys...I mean "gals" out at first! He is a major Baseball fan (Yes, he's a HUGE Yankees fan...he LOVES Yankees Haters, BTW) and he played his heart out.

Aja and Natalie came to the game and we had some pretty great laughs. It was hilarious to watch these guys get up to bat and hike their skirts up so they could get the right position at home plate to hit the ball. And to see them run, some with purses, was priceless. Time-outs were called for "broken fingernails" or "loose false eyelash"...my favorite was "run in their pantyhose". In fact, when Brad was getting dressed, I showed him how to put on his pantyhose without running them. Of course, he pulled a bit too hard and put a hole in them on his upper thight. he was SO upset and told me to go get his some DUCT TAPE...NO, I'M NOT KIDDING!! I told him to put on my biker shorts and he'd be O.K...he was really worried!

After the game, we decided to go to our local fast food drive-in, the "Dairy Keen" which was packed on a Saturday night, and Brad and his cousin Doug were good sports as they proudly walked in and ordered their food! Yes, people stared and whispered, but we didn't care.

So here are the pictures of the "gals" who played their hearts out for charity...Enjoy!!

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Lynn said...

LOL!!!!!!! That was hilarious! I have never seen any guy that excited about wearing panty hose in all my life. So funny! I noticed all the accessories and wondered how anybody could even play baseball all dressed up like that. I couldn't. Kuddos to them for playing dress up for charity!