Friday, November 5, 2010

And The Birthdays Continue...

This sweet little boy is 1 year old today!! It seems like just yesterday that we terrified that Aja wouldn't survive this labor. She had to deliver him in an Operating Room with Crash Carts standing by because the pregnancy put too much strain on her heart. No one was allowed in the room during the delivery (except her husband) because of the severity of the situation. She delivered him in less than 30 minutes from the time her labor began and she didn't see him  until much later that day. It was terrifying to say the least. Then the daily vigil began...we watched this precious new little angel fight for his life for 36 days in the hospital. He was a preemie with several life-threatening complications, but fight he did! He's a survivor and he's strong!
Now he is a C.H.U.N.K....he's super active, extremely loud, always happy, the wiggliest baby I have ever seen and absolutely wears me out...and I LOVE it!! It is so refreshing to see him grow into a healthy little boy after his rough start in life.
I adore this child! Everytime I walk into a room he flashes me the BIGGEST smile and when I walk out, he cries (not gonna lie...I love that!) His eyes light up and he melts my heart. He's rough and tough, busy and active and how his tiny little mommy lugs him around, I will never know!

I thank the Lord for this precious child everyday. He's a miracle. He defied all odds before he was even born! He's determined, tenacious, strong and tender. He's a gift from God and he's one of my 5 most precious *Littles*

Happy 1st Birthday, Tage! I LOVE you!!


Lynn said...

HE is adorable! What a sweet sweet blessing he is to your family. Miracles do happen!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little one year old grandbaby.

addicted2shius said...

What an awesome little man! Happy birthday to your "little". How fun for you all these birthdays to celebrate! There must be so much love going around over there :)