Friday, November 12, 2010

Simple Prayers

My precious *Little* Alakina, is now 4 years old. She has been saying her prayers by herself for almost a year now and each and every time I hear one I can't help but giggle.

When she first started saying them on her own, she would begin each one by saying: " the flag..." It was so precious and innocent that after our giggles, we worked with her to begin her prayers by addressing the Lord as "Heavenly Father" and tried to help her omit the "to the flag" part. Now she begins her prayer with, "Heavenly Father the flag..." and what's even cuter is that when she tries to help her little sister say her prayers, she instructs her to say the same thing!

Oh well, maybe we need to think more of our flag when we pray...after all, our country can always use the prayers!

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