Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's no secret that I am not a big fan of Halloween. Never have been, probably never will be. Having said that, I do love seeing my *Littles* get so excited for their big night. All 5 of them dressed up and were so adorable.

Starting from oldest to youngest:
Alakina was "Hannah Montana"...her love for performing just got the best of her!
Anthony was "Iron Man"...(look at that sweet face!)
Stella was "Alice in Wonderland"...she would NOT stand still for a good picture (too much sugar I guess)
Brooklyn was a Giraffe...
(had to show the back of the little giraffe!)
And sweet little Tage was a little "Monkey"...again, he would not let me get a good picture!

And another view...(sorry it's so blurry!)

Over all, each of my *:Littles* had SO much fun. The 3 in Utah got rained out but that didn't dampen their night...the ward did a "Trunk or Treat" that ended up inside the church. It was hectic and chaotic, but the kids loved it and scored way too much candy! They did hit a few houses in the neighborhood and were able to have a bit of a traditional Halloween.

The 2 *Littles* in Idaho ended up going trick-or-treating in their neighborhood with some of their friends and had a great time. It didn't take very long for them to "get with the program" and figure out how to snag the best of the sweets!

We didn't have ANY trick-or-treaters show up at our house except for the 3 most precious kids in Midway (my *Littles*)...and that was OK with me! We called it an early night and watched the World Series!

Now it's over (Whew!) and we're moving on to the next holiday...Thanksgiving! It's a great time of year and I am so happy to take advantage of the opportunity to remember ALL that I am blessed with and so thankful for...

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Julie said...

Your "littles" are sooooo adorable! I wish we could have come to the trunk-or-treat, but Rebecca didn't have her room clean. I ended up with so much extra candy that I was planning to take to that! Hopefully, my kids will have eaten a good share of it before I get home.