Friday, November 19, 2010

Journals; A New Twist

This past Saturday, my ward Relief Society (ladies group) had their annual Super Saturday. To be real honest, nothing really piqued my interest and since it was held on the same day as one of my *Littles* birthday party, I wasn't planning on going. But each week before as they displayed the items that they were going to make, I noticed they had journals out.

They looked like typical journals that could be purchased at any bookstore, but when you opened them, they had been filled with index tabs of just about every subject relevant to life.

I sat by my friend, Shauna, that Sunday in Relief Society, and she had her very own journal on her lap. She brings it to church every week and she had indexed hers with these same topics. Since I wasn't able to attend the Super Saturday, she kindly took the time to write each topic down and I set out to make my very own book.
(Seriously, my pictures are horrible...I need to take a photography class...So sorry!))

Here are the topics:

(Using Colored Tabs)
My Life Mottos
Favorite Scriptures
Family Stories/Experiences

(Then, in Clear Tabs)
Christ-Like Attributes
Discovered Symbolism
Happiness & Joy
Holy Ghost
Missionary Work
Revelation & Inspiration
Second Coming
Miscellaneous (Colored Tab)

Of course, you can make up any category you want...
I picked up a few of these small journals for around $8.00 and a big one for me! (Mine was $12.00) Then I stopped by Wal-Mart and bought a couple of packages of Index Tabs...a few packages of clear and a few of colored tabs. Since my handwriting has gotten so terrible, I decided to type the topics up and cut them to fit in each tab with the small paper tab that came along with each one. This was a bit more time consuming, but for me it was better in the long run. (My friend Shauna hand wrote each of her tabs and her journal looked great.) After all of the tabs were put together, I went through the journal and temporarily placed each one where I wanted them (in alphabetical order) making sure I left a fairly equal amount of pages in each category. After a few adjustments, I simply peeled off the protective paper and stuck them on permanently.

I made a few of these for Christmas gifts...and YES, they were under $10 each!! So simple...

So now I take mine to church with me and each time I hear a story, scripture, quote or thought that I want to always remember, I have a beautiful place to write it down for all of my posterity to see.


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Love all the topics for journal entries. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

Ron Cooper said...

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addicted2shius said...

That's so awesome! I wish I had thought of that myself. I've always hated that my journal was just a jumble of thought and now I can collectively organize my thoughts to look back and reflect!!! I'm so excited! Thanks for sharing!!!

Hanna said...

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Lynn said...

Oh what a fantastic idea!!!! SO simple and yet SO smart. Now I can take down all these sticky notes with thoughts and quotes I have posted up everywhere. I am SO doing this. THanks!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

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