Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alakina's Big Day!

**This is my 100th post..Woo Hoo**

Yesterday was a BIG was Alakina's first day of T-Ball and man oh man was she excited! When I first got to the field, I was immediately taken back to the "good ole' days" when my little Tyler (now almost 25!) was just starting to pursue his passion with sports. I have to admit, I got a lump in my throat as I watched all of these miniature people running around with matching shirts and hats, full of excitement and trying so hard to learn the basics of America's Favorite Game.

Alakina absolutely LOVED the whole experience. She jumped right in, listened to her coach, did what she was told (for the most part) and chatted it up with the rest of the team!

She has a pretty good swing, did great in her running but this is what she did BEST on each base:

Yes, she did gymnastics...notice the kid who was on first...He ran past her to 3rd!

O.K. so she's not ready for the big leagues just yet, but she had a blast and we had some of the greatest entertainment we could have possibly asked for!


addicted2shius said...

She's so cute!!!

And yay for your 100th post :)

I've been dying to tell someone who will understand but I haven't had quite the nerve to post about it yet BUT I just accepted my new calling as. Sunbeam teacher! I'm terrified! Never even taught a lesson before! Please give me any advice :)

...You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

CONGRATS!! Just be yourself with the kids and LOVE them...they will love you! I have never worked in the Primary, but I know that my kids and grandkids always loved their teachers!