Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update On My Dad

Brad and I decided to visit my dad on Saturday, the day before Father's Day. We drove to SLC (about 45 min. away) and walked into his room that felt like a S.A.U.N.A...and I'm seriously NOT kidding! He had his heat all the way up and was asleep on the top of his bed. **Note, his feeding tube is finally out and he's eating**

The facility where he has been staying is beautiful and has the look and feel of a nice hotel. Anyway, we quietly walked in but he opened his eyes and was happy to see us. My dad has been "different" lately. I don't know what to attribute it to, maybe all of the pain medication, but whatever it is, his personality has just been different.

We gave him his gift, he thanked us then turned his attention to the T.V. that was quietly on in the background...on the Western of his favs...we stayed for about 15 minutes then told him good-bye and left.

On Sunday, my mother called to tell me that my dad had had a bad night and had a "No Visitors" sign on his door, so don't bother driving down. She proceeded to tell me that the night before, he was awaken around midnight by an older woman gently stroking his arm and trying to wake him up. She told him that he was in her bed. He answered her by telling her that she was in the wrong room and ended up having to call the nurse who brough with her another nurse who, together escorted the elderly woman back to her room...Yes, she was confused and wandered into my dad's room. This freaked him out and he was up all night with worry. We laughed about it, he did not...That's NOT my dad...he would normally find the humor in the situation and joke about it. Like I said, he's different now.

I don't have any idea what the immediate future holds for him. He has been on the brink of death so many times and has defied all odds more times than I can count. But whatever happens, I will always hold dear my memories of my *healthy* dad and endure these most difficult times of visiting with a sweet man who looks like my father, but is a different man. Life is unpredictable and throws things at us that I would never have guessed. Enduring to the end is not just for the dying...I'm afraid it involves all those who love them.

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Lynn said...

Oh Mary. I found the story humorous, but I am so sorry that your dad is not the dad you know and remember. I can't even imagine how hard that must be. When the body starts to get old....that is one thing....but when it's the mind....well......that must be really hard.

Hang in there! I am sure he still loves you to pieces!