Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Tage and Sleep Apnea

My youngest grandchild,Tage, is now 7 1/2  months old. He is perhaps the happiest baby I have ever seen, but he has one big problem...he doesn't sleep! Several weeks ago, Aja took him down to SLC to a sleep center for a sleep study. Tage was a preemie (you'd never know it now...he weighs in at 19 lbs. 3 oz...he's a CHUNK!) and he has struggled with Sleep Apnea since the day he was born.

As he's grown, he has gotten a bit better, but still wakes up every hour or so during the night. 
He hated the  probes
Trying to put on a brave face

So after a fitful night of virtually no sleep, here are the results: in 6 hours and 40 min of "sleep", 72 times during that time, his brain told him NOT to breathe. He jolted himself awake 19 times. The average person spends 50% of their sleep in REMS and the other 50% in the 4 stages of sleep...he spend only 32% of the time in REMS...not too good:( He failed! Now the doctor wants to take out his adenoids and tonsils out, but Aja is so concerned about putting him through all of that at such a young age. She is consulting with a couple of other doctors before making her decision.

Poor little guy...he's such a trooper!


addicted2shius said...

Poor guy! My mom has sleep apnea and I worries me. I can even imagine what your daughter must be thinking. I would probably be hysterical and losing sleep myself with worry!

Lynn said...

OH wow!! I have never heard of that in such a young age. I can't even imagine what your daughter must be going through. Any new mom hardly gets much sleep with a baby.......but your daughter must REALLY have a tough time trying to find some sleep for herself. Keep us posted. I am totally interested in how this goes for your grandbaby. My heart goes out to him. What a cutie pie! Even through the tears. ; D

Love Being a Nonny said...

That's pitiful. So pitiful. I stopped and said a prayer for him AND his mommy. That God would give her wisdom and peace...and that HE would bless that precious baby Tage.

shawni said...

that poor little boy! And his poor mother!! That is tough not to get sleep. I can't believe they even got all those sticker things on him. That must have taken some pretty good maneuvering! I hope they can figure something out to help him and his family sleep a little more.

I just wanted to say hi, too and tell you how much I appreciate the kind comments from you on my blog. Thanks so much!

Barbie said...

Saying a prayer for your precious grandson this morning.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Thanks for stopping by today. It is so nice to meet you! I hope and pray that your sweet grandson is able to sleep soon.