Monday, June 14, 2010

One Person's Junk...My Treasure!

Saturday morning started out very rainy and dreary. Aja stopped by to "borrow" something and on her way over she noticed that my next-door neighbors were having a garage sale. Since she has been in the market for some furniture for her girls, we tromped over in the rain. She found a great wooden dresser  for $5.00 that she can cover with a coat of paint, change out the knobs and end up with a great piece for her girls room...I scored this for $1.00:
Yes, it's pretty ugly, but I bought the cutest bird bath at the Thrift shop on Friday for $2.00 and needed a stand...I figured this would do, but not without a little love from me first! So I broke out the paint and decided on these 4 colors:

Then I took a small piece of a natural sponge and started layering the different colors...This is what I ended up with:
Not bad for a total of $3.00!


Lynn said...

Oh you are so smart and thrifty! I love it! The end result is perfect!

linda said...

I could take some lessons from you!Great job girl!

addicted2shius said...

I love it!!!