Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Treasures Found

Aja and I have discovered the most amazing Thrift Shop just a few miles down the road run by the Catholic Church. It happens to be in the very same building that was the hospital that my hubby was born in almost 56 years ago! It houses a lot of memories for him, including the time he had rheumatic fever and was in with his cousin (who also had the fever). He talks of the kind people, who have now passed on, who gave of their time to come visit him and read to him in order to pass the endless hours of recovery.

Anyway, now it is a HUGE Thrift Shop and boy oh boy do they have some great finds. It's only open Wed-Sat and if you get there right as it opens, you will be standing in a loooooog line!

So the other day we stopped by and I found this funky little piece for $5.00:

It had green glitter glue dripped on it but that proved to be no problem as it basically scraped off with light sand paper. So after taking off the glitter, I painted it with a dark grey enamel (I wanted black but didn't have enough). When that was almost dry, I took black craft paint, drizzled a bit on it and wiped it over the surface with a wet rag. It did the job! After it all dried, I took sand paper and went around the edges to complete the worn look. This was the end result:
Then I dressed it with a few of my favorite books and a brand new family picture of Brittany and Evan and their most adorable *Littles*, Anthony and Brooklyn!
**As I was painting the drawer, I noticed that on the bottom, written in pencil was 1906. Score!


addicted2shius said...

Seriously please teach me your ways oh master! You have an impeccable eye for beauty the way you transform other people's "trash" and make it your own. I collect stuff that people throw out but I just clean it. I need to learn how to transform it and make it my own. You've totally inspired me.

Lynn said...

Oh you are the Queen of talent! I absolutely LOVE what you did with it. And how lucky can you get?!!! A 1906 piece for $5.00. You rock it girl!

Connie said...

I want to go shopping with you . . . . Let me know when you are going next time and I will drive up to Midway . . . .
It turned out beautiful!!!