Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to Basics

With the turmoil in our current economy, I think it is more critical than ever that we as a society get back to the basics in life.

I had a great lesson taught to me the other day by 2 of my sweet little granddaughters. I was over at their new house helping their mommy get boxes unpacked, things put away and helped put together a new crib for the baby...of course, these precious little girls wanted to "help" and were driving their mother crazy. Poor Aja was pulling her hair out as she was trying to work but also having to tend to the constant needs of her girls.

As I was putting the crib together, I stopped for a moment to reflect on my experiences as a frazzled young mother and an idea popped into my head...

I took one half of the crib box and made a bed for the girls to lay in as they watched a movie! How simple is that? I enlisted their help in gathering their pillows and favorite blankets and together we spent about 2 minutes to create a "new" space for just them...they loved it.

They taught me that all of their fancy toys and games meant NOTHING! A simple BOX was the solution to our problem and this appeased the girls for hours! They had fun putting this simple bed together and it was new to them. I saw that as long as they participated in creating and felt a sense of pride in ownership, they were happy as can be. Who'd a thunk?!?

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