Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking Forward

I once heard someone say, "If you look into the past, you're not happy!" I thought that was a pretty bold statement at the time but over the years I have come to really appreaciate the wisdom in those words. After all, we all make mistakes, we all have regrets (you know you do!) and we all wish, at times, that we could go back.

I too have had moments where I have looked back and as I reflect on that now, I see where looking back just makes me feel less positive than I want to feel. Maybe not always sad, sometimes angry or hurt...whatever the emotion, it generally is not a good one! After all, I'm NOT getting any younger and sometimes I see life slipping by at a speed that seems to be out of my control!
I made a career decision several years ago that was quite literally heart-wrenching. I'm not gonna lie, it was a tough decision whether to stay or go. I was prayerful and thoughtful as I took several months to reach the ultimate decision. I made it, I was happy and I moved on...BUT, as the years have passed, I admit, I have looked back...sometimes with regret, sometimes with sadness, sometimes with relief...

I am ultimately glad that I made the choice to leave my job and just because I made that decision 5 years ago doesn't mean I can never go back to some sort of work opportunity. I have had amazing things happen to me that I would have totally missed out on. Amazing opportunitites like being there when ALL 5 grandchildren were brought into this beautiful world. I have been able to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming more involved in my community by serving on several committees, I have taken cruises and great trips with my husband and his fellow company employees, I have been able to be with my dad when his health has taken a turn for the worst...and the list goes on and on. To me, these opportunities are priceless! These are the moments in life that would have passed with me or without me. You can NEVER get those moments back!

One of my philosophies to life is: It doesn't really matter how you DIE, it only matters how you LIVE.

So as change continues to be a real factor in life, I am trying to learn how to effectively deal with it and let it be a positive, never looking back.

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