Thursday, January 7, 2010


On the first Wednesday of every month, I am privileged to meet with 11 other ladies and play Bunco. I look forward to this monthly gathering, not because of the fabulous prizes (although they are pretty fabulous!) or because of the delicious food. No, I look forward to this time because of the amazing ladies I have the honor to play with. These are hearty women who live in the mountains, brave 2-3 foot snow storms and trek through icy roads just to play a silly game and associate with each other.

All but 3 of us are 65+ years old, most in their 70's and one or two in their 80's. They show up each month with their $8 in hand, find a table to sit at and chat llike a jungle of howler monkeys! We eat, play, eat some more, laugh, cheer, laugh some more...oh and eat even more!

What I really love the most is the precious association with these amazingly wise ladies. Most of them are widows who have lost the love of their life. They have buried parents, children, grandchildren, siblings and friends. They have a lifetime of experiences and have survived them all. It is wonderful to listen to them as they reminisce about the "good ole days" and yet they live in the moment and are very present!

I learn from them each time we gather together and I cheris the 1st Wednesday of every month. Their wealth of experiences and wisdom is priceless and I can only hope that one day if/when I find myself in their situation that I can bless the life someone as they have blessed mine.

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